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How to Use: visit the "imagesee.htm URL +? Pic = image URL & page = URL of the image-related webpage ", where the page parameter can be ignored.
About ImageSee:
ImageSee is an open-source web page image browser written in JavaScript. It is a completely static Web page. It also supports IE Firefox operabrowser.

By using ImageSee, you can easily browse high-definition images (large images) on the Internet. It provides all the main functions required for conventional Image Browsing: Zoom in, thumbnail, and mouse drag.

More features:
It is fully open for free and provides source code and allows you to modify the page as needed.

Pure JavaScript static pages do not require servers to support dynamic scripts such as asp, aspx, and php, so they are widely used and easy to modify.

For better image browsing experience, you can customize a page navigation guide opportunity and an advertisement bar.

Images can be displayed anywhere, including any directories on your website and images on other websites (without domain restrictions ).

How to use:
1. Download the compressed package imagesee.rar. expand the file to your directory, and replace your file with loading.gif/welcome.jpg/err.jpg.

2. Open ad.htmand upload your advertising code in the file. Then, remove the annotator from the ad.htm 2nd line. The ad.htm column is not displayed.

3. Change the original simple image navigation to <a href = "/imagesee/imagesee.htm? Picturesample1.jpg "> sample1 </a>

* If you do not include a picture with a picturename, welcome.jpg is displayed and helpPanel is displayed, just as if the viewer clicks the "Question mark" button in the upper-right corner.

* If you want to specify a page related to the image, use the page parameter (for example, & page = http://www.800123.cn/imagesee/) and click the related page button in the upper right corner to navigate to the page.

* Application example: You can upload an ImageSee file to your website, and then use a dynamic script to generate an image directory. When the link points to ImageSee, you can create a professional Image Browsing environment, imageSee is actually a "webpage plug-in ".

* Others: as a common viewer, you can also directly access the ImageSee page and copy/paste the image you want to see. This will also bring you good results. try it now :)

JavaScript code:
ImageSee fully uses JavaScript to implement all functions. I try to keep every sub-function Independent and easy to read (so some code may look bloated,

But I believe they can be better read and extracted), you can refer to and extract these source code. I spent a lot of time collecting and debugging them, hoping to save your time and energy.
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