[Original] How do I select a suitable tester during the interview?

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[Original] How do I select a suitable tester during the interview?


Hello everyone! Today, I will share with you some of my frequently asked questions and why during the interview. This is for your reference only. Thank you!

1You recently3-5What is the annual career plan?

Check whether the career development direction of testers is consistent with the current job recruitment? The employee stability can be seen from the aspect.


2After a project test is completed, is there any experience? If so, how is it implemented?

It focuses on the experience and lessons learned from the project in improving the abilities of testers. We can see whether testers are self-driven talents!


3Why did I choose to test the job?

Measure the test taker's attitude towards testing and whether they have development potential? I have interviewed many testers and often see answers. I am a girl and I am very careful in testing. Do you think you will be satisfied with this answer? The code is not the answer I want!


4Please refer to a project you used to participate in, which has greatly improved your testing experience. What is the specific aspect?

Measure the test taker's knowledge about how to improve the testing capability? Then, I would like to ask if the test experience is increasing and there is a certain depth in this part?


5Usually encountered during the test, the submittedBugDo developers disagree with you? How do you do this?

Check whether testers stick to their own values? Is it capable of coordination, communication, and problem handling?


6Have you read any test books? What do you get?

Check whether testers are willing to pay for testing this profession? Can we see whether the tester is motivated? Are you interested? My definition is that if a candidate does not have a system to read a test book during the interview, he will not be admitted!


7How do you deal with a technical research study?

Focus on the test personnel's specific test technology research spirit? Do you like to accept challenges? Are they future training backbone objects?


8After a project is launched, you are responsible for the problem. How do you deal with this sudden event?

It focuses on the stress and responsibility of testers to cope with the problems, and how to handle the technical problems after the project is launched and the ability to respond to the problems.


9What are the hobbies of weekend holidays?

It focuses on the personality traits of interview testers. The testing work is complex and technical, and the personality qualities of testers in different positions are quite different.


10What programming technology is used for the company's products? What is the specific architecture? What are the specific application scenarios?

Check whether the testers have a certain degree of depth in product testing for their previous work! I usually ask the interviewer to tell the story or draw a diagram of the specific system architecture on paper!


11What is the size of the company's test team? What is your role?

Focus on the test personnel's specific responsibilities in the previous company's test team, and determine whether their work meets the requirements of the positions? Are there any advantages and disadvantages?


12Test Technology Test: Has performance test, security test, and automated test been carried out before? If so, how does one implement it?

Focus on the technical capabilities of testers. Are they involved in all aspects? Or is there depth in technology in all aspects? Of course, we can also see whether a tester is in the development direction of the technical line!


13What test team do you want to join?

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the incoordination between the test team and the test team? Of course, the most important thing is to provide you with some information. How can this employee better manage and communicate!

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