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Use Windows optimization master to clear the disgusting QQ tail virus (Li Yingjiang)

Qq virus is very popular. I think many people have encountered a website automatically after QQ information, or they have had such a virus.

Last month, a QQ friend (MM) suddenly told me that he had a virus in QQ and asked me what to do. I had previously cleared several QQ viruses and helped my friends clean them up, this time I sent a message via QQ to teach him how to understand it, but unfortunately it was not successful! So I decided to identify the virus once in person. This QQ virus has been quite harmful, but the problem is that, on Windows XP, you want to run the "Task Manager" to end the process but cannot succeed. The screen of the "Task Manager" is automatically closed as soon as it is run, the reason why I wrote this article is because the virus is different from the QQ tail virus. Why .? More original article http://www.xinsun.net

Explore.exe QQ: (I can name it myself :))
Virus symptoms:
1. Each time the QQ dialog box is opened, a message is automatically sent, for example, randomly sent.
Below are the chat records I copied

!!!! Please open the following URL by mistake !!!!!!!
========================================================== ===
(21:10:35 )?? Jiang
I posted an article in NetEase just now ~
Ttp: // www.163.com@www.80810.com/
* Baby * don't click. I promise it's not a Trojan. If you believe it, go in and check it out.
Vote for me ?? Do you want to trust me ~! Don't talk to me anymore!
* Little baby * don't click. Is it 163 after reading it? Netease address !!? Not a trojan ??
Ttp: // www.163.com@www.80810.com/0611?
========================================================== ================
(20:54:27 )?? * Baby * no point

Jiang? In fact, I have always wanted to talk to you ~
Sorry! Actually, I like you very much ~~
I mean it ~ I always want to pursue you ~ I'm afraid you will reject me'
I wrote an article for you ~??
The name is "My first close contact with Jiang"
The specific address is:
Ttp: // www.80810.com/aiqing/index.htm
========================================================== ================
The author specifically removes the characters starting with H !!!! Please open the above URL by mistake !!!!!!!

2. Win2k/WindowsXP? The task manager is automatically disabled, so that users cannot close the virus process. I have to find a way to use this trick! What should we do?

3. After directly modifying the registry, the run key of the Registry is restored after the restart. It seems that the QQ virus re-fixedProgramAdded the run key value of the registry.
I manually modify the Registry HKLM-software-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion-run
Delete the startup project C:/Windows/system/cmde.exe. I thought I was smart and started my computer again! The problem can be solved only when QQ messages are sent and sent to the worker process.

Download QQ tail virus tools online, rely on, what ** overlord latest qingqq tail tool, * Xing's latest QQ tail virus removal tool, etc., are all waste, cannot clear, other tools have also been tested, and some can be detected after the computer is restarted. It seems that this QQ tail virus is not a cainiao tool. (This is what I just said. You can read this article manually as you are a cainiao)

I have installed a Windows optimizer on my computer. I will use it. Remember that it can change the registry.

Below are some highlights:

Run the Windows optimization master to Disable Windows XP system restoration (this is a necessary action to manually clear the virus, my computer attribute system restoration, disable System Restoration). Why should we take this step, go to the Microsoft website.

(1) Master of Operation Optimization-System Performance Optimization-> optimized startup speed Removal

(2) Master Optimization-System Security Optimization-> Process Management C:/Windows/system32/cmde.exe? End this process (haha! Yes No

It's easy)

(3) Go to the Registry and go to HKLM-software-Microsoft-Windows-CurrentVersion-run to see if run is available.


(4) Find the cmde.exe in your hard drive system and delete it. Clear the path and find the directory c:/Windows/system32/cmde.exe.

(If you think it is time to celebrate your achievement, use winrarto save the file and then delete it. This is the virus you saved ,! Remember not to open the compressed package and run it, or you will be infected with the virus again. By the way, clear all IE history records (ie attributes, general, clear files, delete offline content ).

(5) Of course, the system is disabled and the computer is restarted :)

(6) re-open the System Restore (my computer Property System Restore, open the System Restore), all done here!

(7) haha! Of course, I used QQ to tell my beloved mm how to clear it. through QQ voice chat, she also cleared it twice. She was so happy, but unfortunately mm was too far away from me, guangzhou-> Inner Mongolia. If I can see it, maybe she will give me a kiss! :)? Sometimes QQ is like this, making people love and hate.

My experience: in case of a virus, first check the virus symptoms, prescribe the right medicine, then end the virus process, and clear the virus startup Item through the registry.

Most of the time, the latest viruses can be cleared through this method. This article only provides you with methods and ideas to clear the QQ virus, as long as you have a way to clear the virus

The whole idea is, I think any virus will die badly under you.
I don't know if you can understand this article, but you can't learn Chinese well.

More original article "Xinyang program network" http://www.xinsun.net -- Li Yingjiang

August 4, 2004

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