(Original) how to successfully upload the line "Using μ c/OS-II RTOS with the nano II processor tutorial 』? (IC design) (Quartus II)

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This is an officially provided by Altera μC/OS-II tutorial, but I spent two weeks, can not succeed, the following is my research experience.

Altera officially provides "Using μ c/OS-II RTOS with the nano II processor tutorial 』.

Select microc/OS-II Tutorial Project template

The Figure 1-3 of this tutorial has been chosen for microc/OS-II, but the text is partially accurate.

Even so, if you continue with this tutorial, you will not be able to get the results of the transition period, but the following results

And even if you use the template "Hello microc/OS-II" provided by the niosii IDE, what you have made is still the result.

Proposed steps
The following are the steps to correct the results after the correction.
1. Compile "de2_sd_card_audio" again 』
Step 1:
Copy the [CD-ROM:] \ de2_demonstrations \ de2_sd_card_audio category in the CD "de2 System" attached to the de2 lab board to the hard drive, do not forget to remove the uniqueness of this category. Otherwise, the new compile de2_sd_card_audio.sof will not be able to overwrite it.

Step 2:
Use Quartus II to re-compile "de2_sd_card_audio" to generate a new de2_sd_card_audio.sof. It takes some time for us to compile around 12 minutes under our Pentium M 1.2G + 2.0g RAM, if compile is successful, the following response is displayed.

Step 3:
Use programmer to merge de2_sd_card_audio.sof into de2, as shown in tutorial.

2. Create a New niosii ide Project
Step 4:
The system must point to the new system_0.ptf of de2_sd_card_audio, as shown in tutorial.

The final result is shown in tutorial.

Q: Why not compille "C: \ Altera \ 61 \ nios2eds \ examples \ OpenGL \ niosii_cycloneii_2c35 \ Standard \" to generate a new standard. Sof?

A: In the Quartus II 6.1 project, compile to 9% produces the following compile products.

If the source can be directly modified, it should be a method.

Q: Why do I need to compile "de2_sd_card_audio" again 』? Cannot I directly renew the de2_sd_card_audio.sof attached to the original CD?

A: If the de2_sd_card_audio.sof attached to the original CD is directly transferred to the de2 lab Board, the following warning messages will be displayed after the operation.

This is what I explored in the early days.ArticleAlthough it is feasible to use the PTF of the SD player example, the study is not a solution. For a more complete method, please refer to the original example) how can I build a system for running μC/OS-II on de2 with the help of the system? (IC design) (de2) (Quartus II ).

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