[Original] Introduction to common web server logging tools

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[Original] Introduction to common web server logging tools

1. Webtrends

A powerful web traffic analysis software that can process more than 15 GB of log files and generate customizable reports on website content analysis, such as Doc, HTML, xls, and ASCII files, which can process all web server log files that comply with industrial standards, such as non-standard, proprietary, early Microsoft IIS, Netscape, Apache, CERN, NCSA, o'reilly, Lotus Domino, and Oracle log formats, even if Webtrends log analyzer is not running, you can also use a standalone scheduler planProgramThe traffic analysis report is automatically output, which provides administrators, web development teams, and marketing managers with a set of basic solutions for analyzing log files.



2 AWStats

Advanced web statistics (AWStats) is a free and powerful server log analysis tool that tells you all web statistics, including access traffic, number of visitors, page, click, peak hours, operating system, browser version, search engine, keywords, mechanical access, invalid connection, and so on. Can work on most servers (IIS 5.0 +, Apache ,...), It can be run from the command line or CGI.




Webalizer is an efficient, easy-to-use, and free web server log and traffic analysis program. Many websites on the Internet use it for Web server log and traffic analysis.

Webalizer has the following features:
● It is highly efficient to run in C language. On a machine with a clock speed of 10000 MHz, Webalizer can analyze records per second. Therefore, it takes only 15 seconds to analyze a 40 m log file.
● Supports standard common logfile format. In addition, it also supports several combinations of log format variants, this allows you to collect statistics on the customer's situation and the type of the customer's operating system. Now Webalizer supports the wu-ftpd xferlog format and squid log file format.


Weblog expert pro

A software dedicated to the comprehensive analysis of Web server log files can provide detailed statistics on visitors to your website: current Activity session statistics, file access statistics, search usage statistics, Browser/operating system statistics, and error statistics. Through HTML forms and chart reports, you can have an intuitive understanding of various website situations. It supports the widely used Apache and Microsoft IIS server log formats, log Files compressed by GZ or zip are also supported.



The Web server log tool collects, analyzes, and integrates logs to effectively understand the running status of servers, discover and eliminate error causes, and understand customer access distribution, improve system maintenance and management.

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