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Oracle Spatial: spatial concepts
1 What is Oracle Spatial?
Provides SQL schema and functions to facilitate the storage, retrieval, update, and query of a set of spatial features.
MDSYS provides the type of geographic data
2 object-relational model
Supports arcs, circles, compound polygons, compound line strings, and optimized rectangles.
3 Spatial Data
For example, traffic map
4 geometry types
Points, point Clusters
Line strings
N-point polygons
Arc line strings
Arc polygons
Compound polygons
Compound line strings
Optimized rectangles
5 Data Model
Level structure composed of elements, geometries, and layers.
Element: points, line strings, polygons
Geometry: An example of a geometry might describe the buildable land in a town.
Layer: A layer is a collection of geometries having the same attribute set.
Coordinate System: Cartesian coordinates, geodetic coordinates, projected coordinates, local coordinates
Tolerance: tolerance is used to associate a level of precision with spatial data.
6 query model
Two-level filtering. Primary filter, secondary filter.
7 indexing of Spatial Data
R-tree Index
8 spatial relationships and filtering
Sdo_relate: Evaluation topology standard nine-Intersection Model between points, lines, and polygons (Interior, a boundary, and an exterior .)
Sdo_within_distance: whether the two spatial objects are within the same distance.
Sdo_nn: the object closest to a spatial object.
9 spatial operators, procedures, functions
Spatial operators: such as sdo_filter and sdo_relate
Spatial procedures and functions: sdo_geom, sdo_cs, and SDO_LRS.
10 spatial Aggregate functions
11 geocoding
A process of converting from an address table to a standard address or location.
12 spatial Java Application Programming Interface
Oracle. Spatial. Geometry
Oracle. Spatial. Network
Oracle. Spatial. Topo
Oracle. Spatial. util
13. mddata Schema

14 Performance and tuning information
15 Open Geospatial consorce (OGC) Conformance
Features Specification 1.1.1
16 spatial release (Version) Number
Select sdo_version from dual;
17 spatial application hardware requirement considerations

18 spatial error messages
Oracle Database Error messages
19 spatial examples
Readgeom. C and readgeom. h
Writegeom. C and writegeom. h

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