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What is data management in the Application of Excel in data management of retail and e-commerce industries ?"

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"With the arrival of the end-to-end retail era, every detail in the supply chain of traditional commerce is inseparable from the support of data. In particular, the C-driven supply chain model has become the mainstream today. interpreting customer needs with numbers has become the core of brand and channel competition. We need to learn how to make full use of digital methods to master the management of people, goods, markets, finance, etc ." Today, we will share with you "what is data-based Management" in the following aspects:1. How do big enterprises look at data-based management? 2. Definitions of data-based management and the significance of Excel in data-based management; 3. Functions of data-based management and its four levels; 4. 8 operational processes of data-based Management

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