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V. jquery operations on form tables

1. Focus () gets focus blur () loses focus

2. Set or retrieve the height of an element by height ().

3. scrolltop -- attributes that can be used for animate, for example, scrolltop: "+ = 50" scroll up

4. Trigger the verification event before submitting the form. Trigger ("Event") --> the triggerhandler ("Event") --> does not bubble

5. You can use cookies to save the user's skin.


Vi. jquery and Ajax

1. Ajax deficiency:

[1] insufficient support for XMLHttpRequest by the browser

[2] Destroy the "Forward" and "backward" button

[3] insufficient support for search engines

[4] lack of development and debugging tools

2. jquery Ajax hierarchy

Bottom layer: $. Ajax

Layer 2: load (), $. Get (), $. Post ()

Layer 3: $. getscript (), $. getjson ()


3. Load () method ---- mainly used to obtain static files

[1] load (URL)

[2] load (URL, ATTR, func ())

[3] load (URL, fun ())


4. $. Get () $. Post () ----- used to obtain Dynamic Content

[1] operations on jquery objects rather than global functions

[2] format: $. Get (URL, Data, callback, type)

$. Post (URL, Data, callback, type)

[3] callback function Format: function (data, textstatus ){}

Date: The returned content, which can be XML, JSON, or HTML.

Textstatus: Success, error, notmodified, timeout: the callback function is called only when the call is successful.


[4] processing callback Functions

If it is HTML, insert it directly.

If it is XML, it is processed and converted to HTML

If it is JSON, it is processed and converted to HTML

[5] difference between post and get

Get has parameters, and post has no parameters.

The size of data transmitted by get cannot exceed 2 kb, and the size of post cannot be greater than 2 kb.

The data in the GET request will be cached, and there will be security issues, and the post will not

Different Retrieval Methods



5. $. getscript () and $. getjson ()

[1] $. getscript () directly loads the JS file and adds a callback function to directly use

[2] $. getjson () directly loads the JSON file and adds a callback function.


6. $. Ajax Method

[1] format: $. Ajax (options)

[2] parameters exist in the form of key/value

[3] common parameters: URL/type/timeout/data/datatype/beforesend/complete/success/error/Global


7. serialized Elements

[1] serialize () serializes the content of DOM elements into strings

[2] serializearray () serializes DOM elements and returns JSON data

[3] $. Param () serialization Core


8. Global events

Ajaxstart ()

Ajaxstop ()

Ajaxcomplete ()

Ajaxerror ()

Ajaxsend ()

Ajaxsuccess ()


If you do not want to trigger a global event, set global to false.



All the Reading Notes in this book "sharp jquery" have been written, and there are many blind spots in it. I believe that in the future, we can gradually strengthen and gain a deeper understanding.



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