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Original struts video-General Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. See the following for details. Chapter 1 Introduction
1st: Introduction to the entire course and a brief introduction to struts2.0
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk4058
Chapter 2 Saying hello to Struts 2
2nd sets: struts2 application based on xml configuration
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk4059
3rd sets: struts2 application based on xml configuration
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk4062
4th sets: annotation-based struts2 application
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk4063
Chapter 3 Working with Struts 2 actions
5th set: basic introduction to struts2 Action
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk4064
6th sets: Best practices for struts2 Action
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3908
7th sets: Best practices for struts2 Action
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3909
8th sets: use Struts2 to upload files
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3910
Chapter 4 Interceptors
9th sets: introduces the role and mechanism of struts2 interceptor
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3911
10th sets: introduces some built-in interceptors
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3912
Episode 1: continue to introduce interceptor and built-in interceptor stack
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3913
12th sets: Study the built-in interceptor code and declaration methods to learn how to customize the interceptor
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3914
Chapter 5 Data transfer

13th sets: Introduction to ognl in struts2-data transmission and type conversion mechanisms
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3918
14th sets: introduces struts2 built-in type conversion and custom type converter
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3919
Chapter 6 Building View
Episode 15th: describes how ognl el extracts all data related to request processing.
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3920
16th sets: more detailed introduction to the use of ognl el special symbols
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3921
17th sets: describes several common struts2 labels
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3922
Chapter 7 UI Component tags
18th sets: explains how to use the struts2 UI TAG
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3923
19th sets: explains how to use the struts2 UI TAG
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3924
20th sets: explains how to use the struts2 UI TAG
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3925
Chapter 8 Results in detail

21st set: Functions of the Results component and the custom Results component
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3950
22nd sets: built-in results-type and freemarker and velocity examples
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3951
Chapter 9 Integrating with Spring and Hibernaye/JPA
23rd sets: integration with Spring -- let Spring manage objects
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3960
24th sets: integrates with Hibernate to complete persistence operations
Online playback: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3961
Chapter 10 auditing the validation framework
25th set: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3965
26th set: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3966
27th set: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3967

########## Chapter 1 i18n ###########
28th set: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3996
29th set: http://www.boobooke.com/v/bbk3997
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