[Original] use UML to do fast design (1-introduce work steps)

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Sorry, becauseArticleThe training materials originally prepared for colleagues in the company (only some big outlines) are used in English. After I sort out some documents and paste them, I will translate some of the content into Chinese and add some instructions. 

 1 UML


This is joyyuan97's training session material. I will add more description for each part in future.

 1.1Work steps


Work steps on writing Use Case phase:

1.Find roles from Organization Analysis.

2.Define system boundary. Use high level use case to define system boundary.



3. Analyze roles actions on use case. analyze Work Flow on biz level, and we can get sub use case in role action digoal. here, we need write use case description for high level use case.

4. Analyze sub use case.

5. Analyze logic for sub use case.


6. Based on use case template, write use case description for sub use case.


REview points:

If following up steps, we will have twice review points in writing Use Case phase, as following:
1. When we finish 1-3 steps 'work, we need check biz logic.
2.AFter we write detail use case, we will deliver whole use case document.



[Original] use UML to do fast design (1-introduce work steps) http://www.cnblogs.com/joyyuan97/archive/2008/07/26/1251886.html

[Original] use UML to do fast design (2-use UML in requirement phase) http://www.cnblogs.com/joyyuan97/archive/2008/07/26/1251889.html

[Original] use UML to do fast design (3-use UML in design phase) http://www.cnblogs.com/joyyuan97/archive/2008/07/26/1251928.html http://www.cnblogs.com/joyyuan97/archive/2008/07/26/1251928.html


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