Original Use VMware Fusion on MacPro to install CentOS7 minimal version

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use VMware Fusion on MacPro to install CentOS7 minimal version

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I. SYSTEM environment


VMware Fusion Version

Target Linux version:


Two. Software download

1. The serial number of the VMware Fusion version 8: (software What's on the internet a lot, let yourself down:>)


2. Download URL for Linux Centos 7:


3. MacOS Sierra

This, find it yourself ...

Three. VMware Fusion Installation

With the registration code, the others say, you can put it ^^

Four. Virtual machine installation (plays)

1. Open the installed VMware, click New Virtual Machine

2. Select the operating system to install, here we need to install the CentOS 7 64-bit

3. Create a Virtual disk

4. Select Custom settings when finished

5. Select the location where the virtual machine is saved and store

6. Configuring the virtual machine's environment

7. General configuration----Look at their own needs, do not configure the line (it is not a good idea, it is not configured)

8. Processor and memory configuration

Depending on your computer's performance configuration, it's OK to make an indefinite decision.

9. Network adapter

Select bridged mode network connection, tap Advanced, generate MAC address

10. Hard Drive Configuration

File name Select the virtual disk. VMDK (in fact, want to choose other, but can not choose, if you know how to choose, please tell me, thank you)

Disk size selection 20GB (default)

Bus type Select SCSI

Tick "pre-allocate disk space" and uncheck "split into multiple Files"--don't want to.

One. CD/DVD drive configuration

Tick "Connect CD/DVD drive"

Select the CentOS 7 operating system to download

Bus type select "SCSI"

12. After the configuration is complete, go back to the interface and click on the triangle to begin installing the CentOS 7 operating system

--sometimes does not pop up this page, did not find the system, click on the menu bar above the virtual machine's shutdown will appear

13. Start installing CentOS 7

Select Install by using the TAB key (you can't use “Install CentOS 7” the up and Down keys), press ENTER to start the installation

14. Select the installed language, continue

Analog Company development work, you can choose English.

15. Confirm " SOFTWARE SELECTION Minimal Install", if not, click to select "Minimal Install".然后点击“INSTALLaTION DESTINATION”:

16. Confirm "Software SELECTION" is "Minimal install", if not, click to select "Minimal Install".

17. Click "Installation DESTINATION",查看之前创建的盘是否被选中,若被选中,则点击左上角的“Done”;如果没有选中,则选中:

18. Other configurable actions, which are not required by default at this time

18-1. Time Configuration

18-2. Network IP domain name settings--You can also install the system and then directly through the editor configuration, the following instructions, by default, not configured.

18-3. After the configuration is complete, click "Begin Installation" to start the CentOS installation

19. The installation process will be要求设置“ROOT PASSWORD”和“USER CREATION”;也就是设置root用户密码和创建普通用户:

20. Set "Root PASSWORD" to set the password to root

Because the security of the password is not high, so you need to click "Done" two times to set the success, of course, can also be set to other passwords to see the situation.

As long as the password is complex enough, after the setup is complete, you only need to click "Done" to set the success

21. Set up an account and password for normal users

Similarly, if you set the password security is not high (password is not complex enough, you need to click "Done" two times to set the success

22. After the setup is successful, click "Reboot" to restart the system.

After setting the success, you may not see the "Reboot" restart button, there may be "finishxxx" button, also the same, first "Finishxx", then click "Reboot" Restart the system.

23. After rebooting, log in to the CentOS Linux 7 operating system using the root account, which is the previous "root" or other password set by yourself.

24. Using the Linux command: cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/into the network-scripts directory

VI Ifcfg-nes33 (Each individual configuration file may be different) This command can edit this configuration file, as for how to edit, you can search the use of VI.

Modify the IFCFG-ENS33 configuration file as follows, please configure according to each person's computer information.

25. Use the command: Service network restart restart the NIC

26. Use the command: Ping the IP address to view the network connection status.

27. Use the command: hostname to see the host name

28. Use the command: IP addr can display IP address information

29. Use the command: cd/etc/sysconfig/into the sysconfig/directory

VI Network Add hostname=xxxx, modify hostname

30. Modifying the mapping between IP and host

31. Restart

At this point, the server for a CentOS Linux 7 operating system was installed successfully!!!!

If there are errors, please point out that learning from each other ~ ~





Original Use VMware Fusion on MacPro to install CentOS7 minimal version

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