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Recently in the Research unit test, I hope to introduce a good unit testing tool to improve the quality of the development team's output.

But I don't have much knowledge of unit tests, so I'm going to start with a general test on iOS.

Now consider that the subject monkeytalk of this article seems to be related to unit Test wood. Orz

The currently available test framework, although no other development platform as a self-made system, is also a flowering.


Old nature is ocunit+xctool and Ghunit+ocmock. Both of these are required to write their own testcase. For the time being the back study.

About the video recording, currently a lot of online is recommended Fonemonkey. As a result, who knows with whom. This goods does not support XCODE5!!!

The official website has been upgraded, the upgrade version is Monkeytalk. If Nen is still silly complaining about why Fonemonkey can't get up, let's take a break.

Besides Monkeytalk. Various tutorials on the web are also out of date.

The Authentic official website tutorial is here Https://www.cloudmonkeymobile.com/monkeytalk-documentation/monkeytalk-user-guide


Several sins of online tutorials

After the 1.monkeytalk is running, there will be several Monkeytalk buttons on the app interface to control the "record" and "save" actions.

I don't know how this Daniel is configured. I ran on my own, not on the app, and I needed to do it in the Monkeytalk IDE.

2. No tutorials say you need to connect the IDE and app

The official website is clearly written on the tutorial. You need to install the IDE before installing the agent, and finally, the target device settings on the IDE, connect.

3. There is no tutorial saying that the imported Lib library needs to be re-imported.

If the project to be tested was previously imported to a third-party LIB file, and target was selected as a non-test-target. Then it is the dumplicate to target, or the need to re-introduce the library into the test-target.

I think this method is also very silly. Who has a better way, please tell me, thank you.


Besides, there are 2 other questions.

1.monkeytalk need to set-all_load in the other link.

But for some libraries that can't use-all_load, this setting is going to go wrong.

Therefore, you need to use-force_load to set up for Monkeytalk.

2. For some third-party UI controls, monkeytalk a variety of unrecognized.

It's almost unusable in our engineering.

Failure:no bslinestyled found with Monkeyid "#4"

Prepare to spend another 1 hours on the official online QA to find out why.

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