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It's Wednesday when I can't go to the village or shop. It is said that the longest week is Wednesday. Do you agree?

However, on any day, @ will ask you three questions,What do you wear in the morning? What should I eat at noon? Where can I drink at night? -- Three ultimate philosophical difficulties in life

Gu yuyun, I am in the three provinces of Japan, and I am not loyal to people? Poor contact with friends? Is it easy to learn?

However, in modern times, the three provinces are different ~

If you don't want to talk about it, continue to work...

Yesterday, a lot of things happened, and the news was so bad that xiaobian was not able to respond at the moment:

Entertainment headlines:

@ Sweet potato: sogou has a good chat here!

I won't explain why I made headlines. Everyone knows, hey.

This is not the most important thing. It is important to introduce:

@ Open-source oschina: Prepare to sing: You love fried chicken, I love roasted sweet potato, you listen to you R & B, I love roasted sweet potato, you love Weibo, I love roasted sweet potato, you have your circle of friends, I love roasted sweet potato. Open source oschina, who has sweet potato soil. This rhythm makes me comfortable. Open Source oschina, who has sweet potato soil. Occupy dynamic and popular, open source integration. Open source oschina, who has sweet potato soil.

How can I slander the glorious image of @ sweet potato in this way ???

Toutiao.com must think of a celebrity who is often noticed by the masses ~

However, people do not need toutiao.com because:

Wang Feng cannot be the toutiao emperor, and you cannot be like this !!!!

Next let's take a look at the social headlines:

Dongguan: Women's Bank Card swallowed up and demolished the ATM (figure)

Female: No need to explain it. You can see how powerful it is !!!

The second news of the Social edition:

[Out of my husband! Dare to cheat, old lady breaks your leg] A small couple in Ningbo, his wife treats her husband like a son. Because of her husband's ambiguity, her wife cut her husband's leg and bone: She is a child under a stick, and her husband is the same! The scared husband secretly sued for divorce, and the judge accompanied him to mediate. He ran away as soon as he saw his wife. The wife emphasizes true love. under the mediation of the judge, the husband finally withdrew the lawsuit.

Where can I find such a good judge?

I heard that the smog in Beijing has vanished and it has been blown to Shanghai?

Smog in Beijing is also a hot news of social versions over the past few days:

[Beijing smokers can save a lot of money in the past few days] The next stop to Tiananmen is "China ". Like hybrid models, Tiananmen is turning to the west, and the breath goes up to "Zhongnanhai ". Like the mellow taste, go straight south under the flagpole, probably touched the memorial hall, and you will take a sip of it as the "big front door ". I thought that I should not turn north when I touched suo and walked out more than a dozen times. I looked up and said "Babaoshan ".

Well, after reading the joys and sorrows of the People, let's take a look at the political headlines:

If you have any comments or suggestions, please talk to @ sweet potato ~

Nature edition headlines:

Buffalo baby

Cute, hey, it's very cute ~

I believe everyone is more interested in the technology version:

@ Yuqiu: if I move my notebook today, will the code I write be less than 50% bugs?

The answer is very clear. Yes! And it's far more than 50%. If you don't believe it, you can ask @ sweet potato ~

The garbage bin of Yosemite is so dirty.

Remember, it is necessary to clean up the waste basket frequently ~

Financial edition is also widely concerned by many people, with money and money:


When can I build a luxury villa?

How programmers support their families?

A: Have you ever thought about the programmer who made this software when using pirated software ?! How should they support their families? B: Hahaha, don't tease me. Where do programmers have a family to raise!

Let's take a look at the Education version. This is very important ~

I think this is definitely not a home, 7 days, or motel room.

My ass is too hot. I accidentally got hurt by the door when I crowded the subway at the morning rush hour. Now I still can't sit down. Is it swollen?

@ Platinum bird: 24, the cinema starts.

Practice EQ ~

I suddenly found that watching the news is a very tiring job, or it is quite comfortable to be a free programmer ~

Finally, I will share a funny version of the fat paper for those who are on the way to losing weight ~

1. I want to slim down into a light, illuminating all the cool fat paper!

2. I had a heart to lose weight, but I had a life to eat goods.

3. I couldn't find it all over again, but I still sighed at my waist. Hate in your spare time and try your best ......

4. The customer is a stranger in a foreign land, and he is fat for three jin every festive season.

Finally, let's go to work with peace of mind. It is said that the efficiency is the highest in the morning. Come on ~

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Oschina entertainment bullet -- no village or store

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