Oschina Tuesday strum--Did you say you were going to be fat together?

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Oscer Small partners, there is no obediently waiting for a small strum to update it? How little hair strum a kind of emperor in the early dynasty bright. Okay, all right, all lined up, strum to start today.

@hlevel: Duang! Duang! It's too early for you.

When I woke up early in the morning, I was made to dazzle the rich

@ inter-yu people: intersection, a Volkswagen and BMW 7 series in the Red, opposite a QQ mad like to come straight over, see will hit 7 series, a turn to hit the public, shouting a sound trough hui Teng! Hit the steering wheel and knocked over the side of a small scooter. QQ owners get off lighthearted: "Grandpa, ya two can't hit Ah, had to bump your scooter." "Look down to see scattered cut cake, suddenly dumbfounded ...

Upstairs, this estimate is not awake, to dazzle rich also have to go through the brain

The peanut in the following must be a very brain person, because he knows the OSC.

@ Sin's peanuts: movies for Oscer

Peanut classmate is the most understand open source China's people, see you so promising, to open-source China to learn a bit how? Bring your own soap and moral integrity!

@ Jobenc: My sky is blue, my heart is gray, a few sister would have done next to me, the result, the result, are transferred away, the left side of the position of the empty, the heart is more empty

The sister is gone, the left hand is empty, but your right hand is still there.

@ Child Milk: Boss Daughter-in-law: I don't want to go to work, I want to travel. Boss: You know what people can call travel ah, that's worth, you can only count from hunger

Assi, we go to work every day, is not only a routine begging?

Downstairs of the brother-in-the-Wen Jiejie, our home @ Jie Mei paper is done, you think she will give you a real photo?

@ Chief of the bleeding: women's tangle, @ Wen Jiejie Jie What's about you?

After a piece of clothing, there is another cat on the internet to divide the Earth people into two factions, set off a tear force war

@ Flower Room Drink: The question comes, meow is going downstairs or upstairs?

Can you take a good road? You're a torture little hooker, you have to make World War just fine ... Amount, but I think it's supposed to be downstairs.

Spring does not lose weight, summer sadness , how many girls still crying in the fat . But don't worry about fat paper, you can find true love.

@ Editor-in-chief: A man in Guangdong has made a beautiful girlfriend, because the goddess of deep fear will be chased away by other men, began to take her to taste all the food. Three meals plus supper, eat together, resulting in a girlfriend from 50 kilograms fat to 90 kilograms. The man was satisfied with the results he had raised and proposed to the goddess in his mind before the food street.

Even if there is no such a male ticket, true love can still fight for themselves, Little red in this point of understanding is higher

@yoblue: Before the exam, Xiao Hong said to Xiao Ming, if you can test the class first, I will be your girlfriend. The whole class heard, the test paper sent down, we all silently put down the pen, intends to has failed. Xiao Ming eyes pan tears! Silently, he glanced at the Little red hunky, silently tore the test paper to eat ... Little Red smiled, wrote the name of Xiao Ming in his Test paper.

that's a lot more comfortable to be a fat paper . and see the life of the most famous Fat Man in history.

@USIDCBBS: Why is pig a winner in life? The Monkey King has the ability, the leadership is afraid to control, the sand monk does not have the ability, the leadership and feared does not have the matter, pig, has the ability and the obedient, the leader certainly likes. So who does a woman like? Tang's monk mindedly dry work, no mood, Monkey King has the ability, regardless of home, sand monk pour honest, but no ability. Only eight commandments and have the ability and humor, will also hurt people, looks also rest assured, do not marry him who ah.

If a long timecode code leads to fat, then find your boss to settle accounts, it is a work injury

@ I'm a crayon: too fat to move

The girls who suffer from running and losing weight every day can run with this downstairs, which will definitely inspire your athletic potential.

@ Richard-Tyson: This morning run, see the front two sister also in (feeling run not moving) I summon up the courage to come up to chat: "Hey, beautiful how not to run" "tired, run not move" I use hand to their chest a mold, run on. Still chasing me now, not to say run not to move? It feels like a deep deception.

I was surprised, why work today when the sweet potato eyes blurred yintang black, original ...

@ Sweet potato: Aunt father came, all body not strength AH

It's not moving, pardoned.

Want to on the hot, in addition to black sweet potatoes, but also to @ death vindicate, if the mood is good, if you two Chao, that on the hot is minutes of things.

@ Please call me Chaoxiao: Beg to move the manual, do not ask what I want to do this. I'll tell you, I want to hit the hot?

In the United States, Chilary is a female fighter.

@ Kafka Solo: Hillary Clinton announces candidacy for president. The woman, who was formerly the president, is now ready to do the president. In fact, it was Clinton, who used to be president, and would do the president in the future.

I heard the recent move on the popular show love, you do so worthy of the majority of the OSC on the single dog? Stop this dog-abusing behavior.

@ I'm a bum: on a very crowded subway, a woman suddenly came up with a sign saying: "Sunflower hit hand, repair and repair." A man on the side looked at her with contempt and said: "You are sick, so many people, quickly untie me."

Downstairs of the editor-in-chief, you just got a fat sister paper, and find the goddess to eat, but also to her girlfriends, all the meat to you eat, you do not give single programmers to leave two mouth ah

@ Editor-in-chief: Goddess and her girlfriends and I had a meal, and then I decided to fix the target.

I bought a bag of toilet paper downstairs yesterday, but I always felt weird.

@ Sugar Free Coffee: What is this word?

"The Breeze" becomes "Qing early" than what Cong, haha fragrant melon seeds, baby just mineral water literature is much more

When it comes to the generation gap or something, the small part has been unable to spit groove, you own it

The place I have never been: Primary school Chinese is related words: he () sacrificed his life, () betrayed the organization. 60后 said should fill "rather ... Not ... "70后 said should fill in" Fear ... So ... ", Gen Y said," instead of ... It's better to say, "rather ... Also want to ... "; 00 after said should be filled" in vain ... Forget about ... ".

Now I understand why so many bear children after 00

Recently, grandpa out of a bit of a basket, make panic, not only to speak carefully, anti-camera, but also to put "China good waiter"

@ Good Granville Branch has the Greek: today we eat, the waiter brought a carton, said to avoid the occurrence of CCTV man such things, put everyone's mobile phone focus together to keep. I thought this hotel was sweet, but when I paid the bill, I found out that the restaurant didn't have the waiter.

Well, today's strum is here, do you get up to work? Just what time? Sleep you xx, get up hi (????)??

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Oschina Tuesday strum--Did you say you were going to be fat together?

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