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The OSS domain binding (CNAME) feature currently supports only OSS binding with a level three domain name access.

That is, your OSS access mode is (Bucket name). oss.aiyuncs.com

Make sure that you are currently using the above access method, and then do the following domain binding operations.

First, login Aliyun OSS Console

Login Link http://console.aliyun.com/oss/index.html

Second, set the binding domain name, verify the record number

1, choose to bind the Bucket "properties" to set

2. Select the "Bound Domain Name" module in the Bucket "properties" setting

3, read the "Operation Guide" in detail, click "Next" to enter the current bucket "domain binding" action page.

4, fill in the domain name to be bound


1 has Aliyun access to "ICP record number" of the user domain name can be bound to one level, two level, such as any domain name. (Aliyun server has been purchased and access to Aliyun record users exclusive)

2) has the third party access "ICP record number" The two level above the user domain name. (such as: image.mydomain.com)

5, the domain name online verification

1 Download "Verify file", upload this file to the domain name root directory, such as Www.aa.com/21131.txt, click "Verify and Bind domain name".

2 The system automatically verify the domain name, after the successful verification, domain name and "OSS level three communication domain name" binding that is successful.

Third, CNAME domain name analysis

1, login domain Name Service provider backstage (the following figure to million network domain name management for example), click "Domain Name Management";

2, select "Domain Point Resolution" Click "New Resolution" button

3, "Record type" select "CNAME Record"

4, "Record value" fill in (Bucket name). oss.aiyuncs.com


1 currently only supports the three-level domain name mode of the OSS binding.

2) Bucket name is Bucket in the OSS that you want to bind

Four, access to the address

After successful binding, access to the files on the OSS becomes: http://bound domain name/object (example: Www.mydomain.com/object file name)

V. Supplementary notes

Please note that you are using DNS to resolve your domain name to the "OSS level two communications domain name (oss.aliyuncs.com)".

When you have completed the "OSS Level three communications domain name (bucket.oss.aliyuncs.com)" Domain name binding bucket "Operation Steps", you originally resolved directly through domain name DNS to "OSS level two communications domain name (oss.aliyuncs.com)" All requests will be immediately invalidated.

Therefore, before you operate the "OSS level three communications domain name" domain binding feature, please confirm that the online application service you are using is affected, for your application services can be smoothly switched, we recommend:

Step one: In your application, the access mode is switched to direct access to "OSS level three communication domain name (bucket.oss.aliyuncs.com)"; Publish your application to ensure that your online application services are accessed through (BUCKET.OSS.ALIYUNCS.COM/OBJCET).

Step two to complete the "OSS Level three communications domain name (bucket.oss.aliyuncs.com)" Domain binding "steps", which can be tested by Www.mydomain.com/object and updated with new links to your application. Publish your application again.

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