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Includes the SYS V signal (supported by most UNIX systems). See the signals and shared memory documentation for more information.


Includes support for SYS V shared memory (most UNIX systems are supported). See the signals and shared memory documentation for more information.


Includes support for an informal version of XML syntax, using James Clark's expat library. See the XML Function guide for details.


Open additional correlation and compilation warning messages, which are often used by PHP3 developers.


Using a library of system regular expressions is better than using a bundle. If you compile PHP3 as a server component, you must use the same library when compiling and connecting to the server. If you have what you need in your system, open this option, and if possible, recommend using a library bundled with PHP3.


This path is used to find the Php3.ini file location when PHP3 is started.


Only allowed to execute in a directory in Safe mode,/usr/local/bin/is the default. This option can only be set to default, and he can then be implemented by modifying the Safe_mode_exec_dir in the configuration file.


Debugging information is not included in the library or in execution. Debugging information can help you quickly pinpoint the problem, so as long as PHP is still in the Alpha or beta test phase, it's best to keep debugging information.


The default is to turn on the "Safe_mode" (Safe mode) option, this option imposes some restrictions on PHP functionality, such as you can only open your files under the Web root directory, please read the security chapter for detailed information. CGI users should always keep this option open. This option can only be set to default, but you can turn this option on or off later by modifying the configuration file (Php3.ini).


Use PHP3 to save the path from Http_get_vars, Http_post_vars, or http_cookie_vars to the request Gwt/post/cookie. This option is set to the default value, and the user can also change its properties (enabled or disabled) later by setting the value of Track_vars in the configuration file.


Sets the magic reference to be the default value. This option only sets this default, and it can be set to either available or unavailable using the method specified in the configuration file for Magic_quotes_runtime. Please refer to the relevant content for MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC and magic_quotes_sybase.


Activates the intrinsic PHP3 debugger support. This feature is only in the experimental phase. Please refer to the configuration file for the contents of debugger configuration.


If this property is set to be available, PHP's binary CGI can be safely placed outside of the wed tree, while others cannot use some special means to gain access. Please refer to section in the security chapter for this option.


The arbitrary precision mathematical functions of BC style can be used. Please refer to the configuration file for options on configuration file.


Use security checks to redirect internal servers. This feature is required if a user runs a CGI program on Apache.

When using PHP as a CGI binary, as the default setting, PHP will first check if it is being redirected (for example, using activity instructions on Apache). This confirms that PHP binaries cannot be used to directly invoke the standard Web server authentication program, for example: http://my.host/cgi-bin/php/secret/doc.html. This example accesses the http://my.host/secret/doc.html, but does not have the security settings httpd for the directory/secret.

Do not use this option to turn off this check while using bypass httpd security and identity settings. If you want to do this, unless your server software does not indicate a secure redirect, the files in both your folder root directory and the user directory will be accessed by anyone.

Please refer to the section on security for this option.


PHP3 labels that prohibit short-term situations 。 If you want to use XML (Extensible Markup Language), you must disable , then the code tag for PHP is left only The This option can only be set to default. You can turn this option on or off by modifying the short open tag command in the configuration file.


With the include () function, PHP3 can run code directly from other HTTP and FTP sites. See the Include path option in the configuration file.


Turn off the syntax highlighting feature.

Cppflags and Ldflags

In order to be able to find the header files and library files under different paths during the installation of PHP, modify the Cppllags and LDFLAGS environment variables. If you are using a smart Shell (command interpreter), you should be able to set Ldflags=-l/my/lib/dir Cppflags=-i/my/include/dir./configure
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