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What is virtual memory and how does it work?

The role of memory in the computer is critical, all running programs in the computer need to go through the memory to execute, if the execution of the program is very large or many, will lead to memory exhaustion. To solve this problem, Windows uses virtual memory technology, a part of the hard disk space to act as memory, although the hard drive can not run faster than memory, but the capacity is much higher than the capacity of memory. The effect is to transfer some of the data that is temporarily unused in memory to virtual memory, so that the memory can be freed up space, the limited memory space to continue to hold the unread data to alleviate the memory tension.

Common pitfalls of virtual memory settings under Win7

1, virtual memory is not hard set in the system disk, should be dedicated to separate a blank partition for the storage of page files, do not store any other files.

Wrong! Because the system disk contains system files and paging files, is the most frequently read-write partitions, hard disk read and write the most time-consuming operation is what? It's the head position! And the head positioning in the same partition is definitely more time-saving than the long-distance positioning of the distance across the partition. Therefore, the virtual memory set in the system disk is the fastest execution, The most efficient.

2, the best value of virtual memory is: the minimum set to 1.5 times times the physical memory, the maximum set to 3 times times the physical memory.

Wrong! To be judged on the basis of actual use. Now as the cost of memory is getting cheaper, especially when the Win7 system is popular, the amount of physical memory required has increased dramatically, and the traditional virtual memory setting method is no longer applicable!

General 512MB memory, according to the actual use of memory footprint, you can set virtual memory for 256-768MB (memory + virtual memory and generally higher than the normal occupation of 256MB can).

1GB memory, according to the actual use of memory footprint, you can set virtual memory for 128-1024MB (memory + virtual memory and generally higher than the normal occupation of 256-512MB can). People who normally consume hundreds of MB (majority) can even disable virtual memory (with software restrictions that can set up a small amount of virtual memory, such as 16-128MB).

Memory is 2G and above, you can generally disable virtual memory (with software restrictions can set a small amount of virtual memory, such as 16-128MB). Some people who do use large amounts of memory, such as playing large 3D games, making big pictures, 3D modeling, and receiving low memory warnings, need to set virtual memory as appropriate.

3, the larger the virtual memory, the better.

It's wrong! The virtual memory is too large, which not only wastes the disk space, but also increases the time of the head positioning, and reduces the efficiency of the system execution, without any benefit. Correct settings to save 256mb-4g left and right space (depending on memory size)

How do I set up virtual memory?

Right-click Properties on my Computer, and then tap "Advanced system settings."

The System Properties window selects the Advanced menu and clicks Settings in the Performance option.

Then click "Change" in the Pop-up Performance Options window.

Select a drive (typically C), and choose custom size to manually modify the initial and maximum values of virtual memory.

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