Outscan One-click batch get struct Dev vulnerability

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A thing that was written before.

One-click Batch get struct Dev vulnerability

Support Baidu, Google (Google has restrictions on the number of visits)

Such as:


Fudan university

PS: Support bulk crawl URL to go heavy, and verify the availability of each URL, so will frequently visit each URL, if 360 hints, please see if it is the URL of your search.


g:\godir>outscan_dev.exe@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ zzfcthotfixz Ssh,ftp,mysql,http,redis <*> by Wooutlexample: Outscan.exe-t http-hfile post.txt-ukey loginemail-pkey loginpassword-suc sucflag         outscan.exe-t ssh         outscan.e Xe-t mysql-ipfile ip.txt-userfile user.txt-passfile pass.txt         outscan.exe-t ftp-ipfile ip.txt-userfile user.txt -passfile pass.txt         outscan.exe-t baidu-key "inurl:8080 intitle:jenkins"-page 2         outscan.exe-t google-key "Inur L:action site:gov.cn "-page 2help:outscan_dev.exe-h
Outscan.exe-t baidu-key "Inurl:.action site:XXX.com"-page 55

Download Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pKWiS3p Password: cn4p

There are some more early-written batch blasting function, you can try.

Outscan.exe-t ssh-ipfile ip.txt-userfile user.txt-passfile pass.txt

Specify IP list ip.txt user dictionary user.txt password dictionary pass.txt

Outscan.exe-t ssh-p 12345-ipfile ip.txt-userfile user.txt-passfile pass.txt     //The default is port is 22 if other ports can be specified as-p as 12345

the rest is similar.

There are questions to leave a message.

Outscan One-click batch get struct Dev vulnerability

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