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Did 2 years of SEO, outside the chain to do a lot, the way is also diverse, from the beginning of a numb copy sticky paste, to now have a choice, there is a strategy to do the chain, this is a kind of growth, from a rookie slowly into the official SEO personnel. These two years oneself also did a lot of stations, contacted a lot of optimization team, found that forum, blog each site are doing, not to find industry-related forums, is direct Ben weight and go, in high weight forum or blog post, message. Do classified information is directly to the weight of high, has included the site to send. I studied for a long time and found that the weights of these chains were not too high, and the obvious link hair is deleted the probability is very high, the number of articles, the more the chance of being deleted, was found to do outside the chain, was sealed, the previous article is tantamount to a waste, all of a sudden without so many outside the chain, The search engine is very unfriendly to the performance. does not conform to the external chain stability requirements. After two years of observation, found that there are two kinds of outside the chain mode of action is relatively large, the weight is relatively high, one is a friendship link, one is the release of soft text.

Publish a soft article

That is, in some sites to publish personal industry insights or in the major web portal to write a promotion of a product introduction class article. Soft text must be very readable, must let the person who see to have learned or need, can leave a good impression to the reader, to bring the professional feeling to the reader, thus lets the reader automatically reprint our article, for our free promotion, a high quality soft article brings the effect often is you cannot imagine, brings the reprint quantity is very high, And soft Wen is the quickest way to promote the popularity of individuals or businesses.

Personal industry technology or experience summary, like we do SEO promotion, generally in A5, China Webmaster Forum, seowhy to send some technical soft article about SEO, generally allow a link. Soft text in these sites, all need to audit, basic if original, the title to attract people's attention will allow the passage, to write long-term, there is a certain degree of difficulty, but efforts to get the return is value. The best article title to write can let others often search for the long tail, and the weight of these sites is high enough, the general others when you search the article at least three, see people all, the promotion effect is obvious.

Enterprise product promotion Soft Wen, general are need to spend money, in Sina, NetEase and so on high weight website, spend 200, 300 yuan of hair a soft article, but although pay more, get the benefit is also huge, reprint and browse quantity is very high. A friend of mine to do weight loss products, every month in Sina hair a few soft wen, bring the flow of ultra-high, return value.

Friendship Link

Links this aspect, we all know, friends of the chain for good words, the weight of the site has a great upgrade, if not, it may also pull your hind legs. In general, the advantage is that links to the site can be weighted weight, but also to provide access to spiders, so that more search engines to include the content of our site. The downside is that other sites are down the right, may be implicated in your site, the same led to the right to drop.

Note is in the exchange of links when you want to know how to judge good or bad, see included, snapshots, weights, whether the Web page with noffow tags, the site is cheating, the content is enough to collect and other related information on the site to make a reasonable judgment. Ningquewulan, a useless friend of the site chain, on our site will not have any benefits, or even decentralized weight. Finally to say that the number of friends can not be too many, generally in 40 or so, more easily down the right, like a period of time before the wolf rain, deceived a good hundreds of one-way friends chain, the results of the first page is less than two or three days by Baidu to kill.

There is my own discovery: some friendship link platform on the exchange of information, but also outside the chain, and the weight is relatively high, check the back chain, this information is often in the first three pages, and very stable. is a good outside chain way. There is also a sprocket and station group, but also belong to a friend chain, but only one-way friends chain, but since the "left-carnitine" crazy after, Baidu on the station group and sprocket judgment ability is stronger, so now to do these two, must be very covert.

Today to tell you this, is a recent period of time, especially the external chain of soft wen, shocked me, before I never write Soft wen, feel too difficult, I this writing, will be humiliated. In fact, write personal experience Summary soft text does not need much good writing, as long as other people can understand on the line, can provide useful information to others on the line. This article by Schindler SEO published in Fuzhou printing http://www.fzywzx.com, reprint please keep the connection!

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