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1, why some blog or website comments sent up to appear as a blank page?

A: This kind of blog or Web site on the requirements of the link and comment on the requirements of a strict review system, if the comments are not related to the content of the article, random link paste url will lead to the subsequent appearance of blank pages, such sites are mostly with nofollow tag, only a very few can be sent.

2, why some bloggers can only send one or two comments, after the hair will be deleted or the hint can not be sent again?

A: Some blogs or websites allow users to send a comment with a link or a signature link, and when Seoer is sent again it will not appear or prompt your comments to activate the site's spam system. The reason for this problem may be the following: the site itself to the new registered users to comment on the number of links to do a limit, there is a possibility is that the number of users to send a link too much activated the site's anti-spam system, resulting in no longer to send.

3, why some blog or website with nofollow tag?

A: nofollow label is the first Google in 2005 to prevent the introduction of the standard tags, and then Yahoo, MSN and other major search engine manufacturers support, mainly used to prevent the blog reply class site spam links. At present, most mainstream blogs have joined the label, such as Blogspot.com,wordpress.com, the purpose is to prevent spam links caused the loss of the PR value of the site.

4, why some links on the surface can be seen, when viewing the source code is not?

Answer: Encounter this kind of website or blog, must take the source code as the main, after the post is best to view the source code. The reason is probably because the site source code to add some shielding code, so this kind of site after the post must check the source code.

5, why some blog or Web site comments have not been prompted after the failure of shielding, also do not prompt success, nothing shows?

A: This kind of blog or website is similar to the one in question 1, the difference being that there is no white page. The reason may be because these blogs do not allow the link to be sent. When you encounter a blog, you can first observe, if this blog a comment is not, usually the probability of a small, can try to send a normal post without a link to the reply, if you can try to add one to two links.

6, why some Web site links sent up later, the mouse pointed up after the show is not our site?

A: Most of this is the Web site to add the Shield code, can not be successfully sent.

7, why some Web site registration can not receive activation mail?

A: As we do is the promotion of foreign websites, mainly in English, so the use of e-mail when the best use of foreign mailboxes, such as Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo, try not to use the domestic mail server to accept foreign mail, it is easy to delay or receive mail.

8, why some Web site to send the HTML code, can only be displayed in the form of text, can not be displayed as a link form?

A: At present, most of the blog or Web site comments reply is using HTML code (that is, the "hyperlink code" mentioned earlier), but there are a few bloggers use URL code, encounter such a site can be two kinds of code test, try more than a few times.

9. Why do some blogs or websites not send comments with links as guest (visitors)?

A: This kind of blog or website generally has a certain PR value, that is, a certain degree of popularity, not to allow unauthenticated users to send, the general need to register before you can send.

10, why some links in the Firefox browser to display in red?

A: Firefox browser has a plug-in, after installation can identify the source code in the nofollow tag, red means that there are nofollow tags, search engines can not crawl.

11, how to audit the blog to pass?

A: For blog posts to write comments, to avoid spam, the likelihood of passing is relatively large.

12, why some blog replies (with links) sent up later to change a browser to see it?

A: This problem is mainly caused by IE cache, so the link has been successful in the future must remember to change the browser to view, if there is, it may be successful, otherwise it is not successful.

13, why some forums or BBS after the hair has been deleted?

A: BBS and forum in the link when you must remember that not much, do not put the code all pasted up, so that the basic you send up to the administrator will be deleted to you immediately, because the Forum's new reply to the general ranking of posts in front of the top posts in the following. So in the forum reply with link, with less mainly. Take it slow, don't worry.

14, why the domain name with Edu, gov and other blogs or websites most of them do not have a comment window or not?

A: The general search engine for education and government sites to give a larger weight, relatively speaking, audit is more stringent. So to avoid the spam link Comment window Most of them have been closed

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