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The age of the Niang, SEO is a cloud! Some days ago Nameless wrote a "out of favor of the chain or Baidu" article, elaborated the external link is the core of the Internet. The chain is important for enriching the content of search engines. But outside the chain is not SEO optimization of life-saving straw. March 6 201,300-degree webmaster Meeting held in Beijing, also issued the "2013 China web site Operation Trend Report." Baidu said it will focus on supporting the original class of high-quality websites. This is also considered to be 360 to enter after the search, Baidu to win over a webmaster strategy.


From Baidu's official report, it can be seen that China's Internet garbage station is rampant. Baidu has done a series of measures. 2012 Baidu algorithm made 7 times big adjustment. is to reduce the impact of the chain on the rankings. Baidu's adjustment also exposes Baidu's embarrassment for search engine algorithms. Because the basic algorithm of search engine is built on the basis of external links and links import and export. Baidu is trying to change its algorithm's reliance on links through content strategies.


Niang said: To improve the ecological environment of the Internet. As SEO should look at the following Baidu share of the so-called Geological Site Division situation. It appears that cheating and collecting stations are Baidu's low quality website. As for the worthless, it's hard to judge. What kind of station is worthless. This estimate Baidu itself is hard to say clearly. Because there is a certain value. No value of the appraisal can only niang the final decision. Who let this be the age of Niang!


Degrees Niang said: to support the original site. Whether this word can be achieved. Anyway, they said it. It seems to be quite like that. Baidu is called "Spark program". It feels like a spark can be a prairie fire. is to ignite the Internet original first fire. Whether this can be achieved. It's just Robin Li. Oh.


Nameless above is the Baidu 2013 of some trends analysis. Next talk about SEO how to do?

2013SEO optimization outside the chain in the end also hair not hair?

Nameless think that the past chain of operation has not been able to improve the ranking of a great help. Outside the chain is not a lifeline seo! A lot of people to the understanding of SEO is: "seo Ah!" is not the hair chain Ah! The outer chain can be sent. But the number of the chain has been and ranking is not how much relationship between the promotion. For example: Anonymous has an SEO forum. The website is www.chtjt.com. This station keyword "SEO forum" in Baidu homepage. But the outer chain of this station is very few. There are many more examples. There are no nameless here. SEO is not a simple hair a few outside the chain. Outside the chain is only a common factor affecting the rankings.



The chain of this station is very small. But can rank more than a lot of so-called awesome sites. The secret is not outside the chain.

Internal optimization has become a new technology of SEO

Let's say Baidu's friendliness of the page is calculated in 100 cents. The figure below shows that Baidu has a new algorithm for the value of the page and the importance of the page. Want to get rid of dependencies on links. From the report of Baidu we can see. This is the friendliness of how Baidu is interpreted. Nameless think, first of all, if the quality of content. This content is not necessarily completely original. But it's valuable for search engine users. Value for the user. That's good for search engines. is not the original content is a valuable content. We must make this point clear. Then there is the layout of the page. Layout is an important manifestation of user experience. In line with the SEO good layout, should be concise, tree-shaped, chain connection clear. It is easy for search engines to discover and crawl the latest content. There is also the user experience of the page. Advertising is not much. Page loading is not very slow. The last is to have a healthy SEO optimization inside. Articles and keywords directly have some natural links. Improve the overall link of the site unimpeded, through the page recommend a good page. Pages recommend each other, enhance Baidu's awareness of the content of the site. So as to enhance the ranking of the site.


SEO focus should be placed on the internal optimization and content construction, outside the chain are clouds!

The external link is the spider discovers and crawls the content the basic way, the outside chain still is some basic SEO means. But the chain is no longer a lifeline for ascending rankings. Want to improve the ranking is not to say more than a few outside the chain can be. This estimate a lot of SEO deep experience. Tomorrow is April Fools ' Day. Find an example of Leslie Cheung to illustrate. Baidu Encyclopedia can be said that the quality of resources. We can see the very natural anchor text link above. and reference links. In fact, we do their own site optimization, can be specific reference Baidu encyclopedia. The natural valuable anchor text recommendation is the effective SEO internal optimization. and authoritative outside the chain reference is the correct link. I believe that Baidu must be in accordance with these ideas to adjust the algorithm.



Baidu can not tell anyone their own search engine algorithm. But Baidu's own site must be in accordance with their own quality of the content to do. So much to find and think. The Secret of SEO is to observe and think and then combat.

Nameless has been advocating scientific, practical SEO. SEO is not a panacea. SEO is not hair outside the chain!

This article by the nameless original, sends in Semkey (www.semkey.org). REPRINT reserved Copyright! Respecting others ' labor is the best way to SEO.

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