Outside the station Optimization series five: A comprehensive understanding of blog marketing Basics

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Next to share with you the "Outside the station optimization series of tutorials: How to find high-quality outside the chain forum", "outside the station Optimization series" Two: Determine the impact of writing suitable for promotion program factors, "Outside the Optimization series three: How to write a reasonable executable website promotion program", " Outside the station Optimization series four: All-round understanding BBS Forum marketing must know 12 points of four aspects of knowledge. is also because now the operation of the website in BBS marketing, so also in contact with more marketing methods, but also collect and organize a number of blog marketing materials, willing to share with you. Now with my shallow knowledge, to share the basic knowledge about blog marketing:

The concept of blogging

The origin of the word blog, simply said, blog is a diary form of the site. The original name of the blog is weblog, consisting of web and log two words, which is literally the Web log. Later, people like to create a term of the word deliberately changed the pronunciation, read as we blog, the Word blog this is created. Blog is a diary written on the Internet, there are some characteristics of ordinary diary. For example: The text is sorted by time, but the difference with writing in Journal is that the newest articles are in the front, and the old diary is pushed to the back. Another feature of blogging is RSS feed subscriptions. Readers can subscribe to blogs using their favorite RSS reader, but not on the blog site, RSS is one of the characteristics of the web2.0 site.

The concept of blog marketing

Blog marketing refers to the use of blogs to promote themselves or promote the enterprise. We usually do blog marketing refers to the release of original blog posts, the establishment of authority, and then affect the user to buy. At present, many people think that blog marketing is with the various free blog hosting Web site to create a large number of blog accounts, the same blog posts published in these hosted blog platform, and even some articles are simply copied or reproduced, the purpose is to generate external links from these blogs, used to promote their own main station.

True Blog marketing relies on original, specialized content to attract readers, cultivate a group of faithful readers, build trust and authority in the readership, form personal brand, and then influence readers ' thinking and purchase decision.

The Essence of Blog marketing

The Essence of blog marketing is to contest the right to speak, or to put it bluntly, blogging is to tell the world. (because there is such a person, his remarks should be noticed, with the right to speak, marketing solved.) )

The blog is not the direct release of product introduction, and is not the release of company news, but to get the right to speak, the establishment of an authoritative position occasionally mention a product or service, in imperceptible influence the user's purchase decision. Blog to play a role, must first be trusted, first become a brand, in the industry has influence, grasp the right of speech. Influential blogs, no matter what they say, will be believed. The same words, different people say, the effect of a big difference.

Note: Bloggers want to play a marketing role, do not have to directly talk about products, also do not have to directly talk about the company, as long as careful business content, build influence, Brand, get the right to speak, when needed to mention the marketing site or products, the effect will immediately appear, but to achieve a simple mention will have effect, is based on the perennial monthly operating blog.

The writing skills of blogging

Blog marketing needs a clear positioning

Blog to do marketing friends, a start to do positioning accurate, willing to give, good at sharing, so plus the appropriate skills, then blog marketing article will greatly enhance the effect.

Some people, blog to various ways to attract people, pornography, privacy, abuse and so on, but also really browse the measuring, but basically the effect of marketing is very poor, because such a blog has positioned itself to the alternative, although the number of people to see, but also just watch the lively. There are some of Alibaba's blog, because the reader has long left a deep impression, has been subsumed into the ranks of so-and-so writers, then has lost the identity of businessmen, so, how to talk about blog marketing can not play the real role of marketing.

Many bloggers simply think that blog marketing is using blogs to advertise, let more people to understand their products, so dry write some advertising language in their own blog, no one to see on the door to go, in other people's blog to leave their own ads, if it does not work, to the forum to send, the results were not in vain also be disgusted. Some people put blog marketing articles written in the product manual, written product information, these practices in my opinion is not blog marketing articles. Of course, these people's ideas are not wrong, but too simple and not to speak the way, the natural effect is very unsatisfactory. Blog Marketing article writing, although to achieve a broad and informed purposes, but must have ingenious methods.

Style of writing

In addition to personal content, personal writing style is also important, sometimes even more important than the content. Blogging should be like saying vernacular, not taking out sat, and being prepared to report.

Six skills of Enterprise blog marketing article writing

1, product function of the story

Blog marketing Articles to learn to write stories, but also learn to write their own product features to the story. Through some vivid storyline, naturally let the product function speak for itself.

2, product image of the plot

When we promote their products, always shout some slogans, although this can also achieve a certain effect, but can not make their products deeply rooted, impress customers, moved customers. So the best way to do that is to put your praise of the product into the plot and let people perceive your product through moving plots. So the customer remembers the moment of the episode and remembers your product.

3. Hot issues of the industry

In our blog article writing process, we must catch the hot spot of the industry, and constantly put forward hot spots, can arouse the attention of customers, but also through the industry compared to show the advantages of their products. To do this also requires the author of the blog and war, the same, win.

4, product development of the romance

Blog marketing Articles to give the product to life, from different angles, different levels to show the product. Can be a personification of the form to tell, can also be fairy tales, can be no inside, can be humorous and so on. The more creative the writing, the more you can make readers refreshing, but also memorable.

5, Product Blog series

This is very important, blog marketing is not an immediate e-commerce marketing tool, it takes a long time to persevere. Therefore, in the product blog writing, we must adhere to serialization, like the TV series, constantly have the development of the story, but also have a climax, so that the impact of the product blog is big.

6, the number of blog words refined short

Blogs are different from traditional media articles, both of which have a clear argument and a short reading: The plot is rich, touching, and not spending too much time. So, I think a blog post best not more than 1000 words, adhere to short lean is the important principle of blog marketing.

Blog posts are about giving and sharing

Blog Marketing article really can play a role in the marketing of the soul is the article can give the reader, customer what kind of benefits. The biggest difference between blog marketing and other blogs is that other blogs can be romantic, can express feelings, you can meet the heart, but marketing blog can not, not only to ensure that each blog to bring the necessary amount of information, but also have knowledge content, but also have fun, but also have experience to share, so that every time customers come to your blog has been harvested. This is the best way to stick to customers. However, to pay attention to, professional, speculative articles to say clearly the problem, not afraid of long, long only momentum!

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