Overall design sharing of BI system solution in pharmaceutical enterprise

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Comprehensive budget system blueprint for pharmaceutical companies

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Fully control the business activities of the enterprise, timely and accurately display their status and trends, assess the effectiveness of their achievement, the existing problems and risks. Support data import, multi-level reporting and other features, and through a unified reporting platform to achieve fine-grained rights management.

Pharmaceutical enterprise Value Chain Management system Blueprint

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Fully control the business activities of the enterprise, timely and accurately display their status and trends, assess the effectiveness of their achievement, the existing problems and risks. Support enterprise management decision-making and decision landing tracking, as well as effect evaluation. It supports the analysis and value discovery of the information data of the enterprise value chain, provides the real data basis for the optimization of decision-making management, management and business activities, controls the risk, assists the enterprise Management optimization, the strategic choice, the innovation transformation. The overall solution includes data management, value chain management (VCM), and collaborative management of the integrated platform of the three parts.

The construction of value chain management systemBuilding goals

Construct a complete value chain management system and build the core system of enterprise intelligent operation. Analyze and excavate all activities in the value chain of the enterprise, monitor the operation status, trends and all possible risks, assist the strategy and decision-making of the enterprise, reform and innovation as well as optimize the operation management, enhance the core competitiveness, and finally achieve the wisdom of management.

Construction policy

The data quality is continuously improved by establishing strict and detailed data integration rules that conform to statistical principles. Build and expand value chain management applications with high-quality data base assurance.

Construction steps

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Mobile Internet ApplicationsComprehensive support for mobile Internet applications, including iphone, Android, ipad and other mobile applications.

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Overall design IdeasSystem Organization

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Flexible way to take the number, a variety of report production functions, rich presentation of the way to give users a great experience

Implementation Tools


Data Processing Methods

1. Data Warehouse or intermediate library mode

Active extraction of Business system NC Database of the detailed business data, data integration, the data into the enterprise data warehousing, as metadata, for analysis and processing use. In the process of data cleansing, if there are inconsistent data, the output data problem list is used for manual correction of data. Data extraction is done incrementally.

2. Data audit

If there is data adjustment, then submit the data and the superior audit, after the approval, the data release. A report query can be provided only after the data has been published.

3. Data release

Only published data can provide the most up-to-date data query. After publishing, the data is written to the business data schedule. The release can be started by a timed processing mechanism, or manually. You can publish any number of times before the data is locked, ensuring that the results of the publication gap data are unified, and that data queries are consistent over a period of time.

4. Business Enquiry/reporting/statistical analysis

Query/Report/statistical analysis of business data schedules by pre-set query/Report/statistical analysis templates, query criteria, query filtering.

System Access Security

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The user security system uses the security authentication to ensure the system access security. After the system is logged in the report system, the Enterprise security authentication system will be authenticated, then the user account is authenticated, and the user access rights can be obtained by using these access rights when the report system is applied.

access Rights

Role-based permission architecture, which can be used as follows.

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data quality, data cleansing and integration

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From the standardized definition of the 14 data quality dimensions, data validation, comparison, cleaning and integration, output problem data reporting.

Overall design sharing of BI system solution in pharmaceutical enterprise

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