Overcoming Negative emotions

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In each person's career planning and development process, it is possible to encounter a variety of difficulties and problems. In the face of these problems, many people feel more frustrated because they do not know how to deal with the face, or worse, it is possible to slip into the edge of negativity and self-degradation. Before you feel depressed, start thinking that you lack the ability to fulfill your desires, and intend to shrug and admit that it is beyond your control, before you throw it aside, ask yourself the following questions and then give clear and reliable answers:

1. Whether my sense of powerlessness might be self-imposed.

2. Is it possible that the obstacles I see are just self-imposed hostility?

3. When did I start to feel that I was incapable of accomplishing my goals? What has made me feel and think about it. Is there a valid reason?

4. I'm really trying to do what I don't think I could do. When did I try. If I haven't tried, don't beat yourself up without starting, now try it and really try it. If I try and fail, I can list the number of reasons for failure on paper. Do these factors still exist. Can some or all of these factors be eliminated now? If I didn't succeed, I tried my best to do it. Or I just muddle through, hoping that good luck will hit my arms.

5. The idea of achieving the goal will make me feel very nervous and anxious. If that's the case, what am I really afraid of? Where do those fears come from, do they really make sense? Or it's just a little bit of an excuse to help me postpone the time I actually tried.

6. I do not want to seriously consider this proposition, exactly why. If I had fulfilled this proposal, would it have been in conflict with my long-cherished wish, faith and ease of life. Is it sure to improve my sense of self-esteem? Or maybe the idea of failure makes me shy away from this problem. The implementation of this proposal would add unnecessary burdens and responsibilities to me and interfere with my habitual lifestyle.

7. Is it true that I have, in the course of answering the above questions, largely put aside the self-imposed restrictions? So far, have I not fully and positively considered finding a specific target? Is it really possible to help me find the ideal solution if I have a positive way of dealing with the problem?

Psychologists have found that you often encounter difficulties in your daily life, mainly because you are not very clear about your problems, you cannot reasonably analyze them, and you cannot find a workable solution. At a meeting of the Midwest Psychological Society in Chicago, there was a consensus that analysing the problem was the first step in the direction of solving the problem.

This scientific approach is easy to implement, and it can help you solve more than 50% of the problems in your life right away, and can help you gradually and rationally solve the other 50% that can't be dealt with immediately. This is a good thing you would like to change. Isn't it all right? Because once you have it, you have the most precious wealth.

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