Overseas website design appreciation: Top 20 excellent webpage Layout Design

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The website design appreciation Series brings you the top 20 excellent webpage layout designs. Typography is a font layout, font design, and symbol adjustment technique. Font la ing involves: Selection of fonts, lbs, governors, line spacing, adjustment of letter spacing, and adjustment of even spacing, traditional fonts will also be creative, special, and beautifying. The works of these websites collected below are carefully selected excellent foreign websites, which are worth learning for reference in page layout design.


Kelly Shaw

Daniel Filler


Wicked palate



For you, my love



Mxsky blogs focus on front-end development, display the latest HTML5 and css3 applications, share jquery plug-ins, and recommend excellent web design cases.


Lift interactive

Epic discovery

Viva la musica

YMCA 2011 Annual Report


Reputation Radar

Eastworks leather company




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Examples of inspiring typography in web design

Source: Dream sky ◆ focus on front-end development technology ◆ share web design resources

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