Overview Everything comes from life, everything comes from the network

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  1. The first time I heard about the site and other things in 2011 years or so, is a proud new admissions teacher called, asked and invited me to participate in the new study Rong. At that time, I passed the Ministry of Education by self-study of the three-level network technology and four network engineers, feel that the teacher gave me the training content, the whole head is a blank (no knowledge of the site), the first feeling is that she introduced Rongvin training trainees work and wages, deeply impress me, Is the salary is very high (a Rong new students less than six months of time, wages more than 7,000), I was through this pay to understand the site and determined to learn. People do not laugh, learn this thing, sometimes there is "business behavior", not all that mean.

  2. Of course I have business behavior, Rongvin also, remember that the tuition is more than 16,000, at that time because of various reasons, tuition fees are borrowed from mom and dad (although I was 36, the other privacy is not said), to say the truth, the point of tuition fees are not small, but with the training after the wages, or not too much.

  3. In Beijing, the first time boarding in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the family building. The landlord introduced me, the original Qian Xuesen live in the place (voice-over: The first time to see those in a few decades ago many people yearn for the building, in my opinion the old building is actually the residence of scientists, nor much moved). Then is the future in Beijing Haidian Chaoyang moved to move.

  4. I participated in the training two times. The first time did not learn, just to learn knowledge. The second time is OK, basic to the framework of the study has a deep understanding and impression.

  5. After the second training, I started looking for a job. The job was not found until January 28, 2015 from 2014. Excellent Nesson company gave me a lot of convenience, but I still resign from the company (specific reasons, privacy is inconvenient to say). Even if I quit, I'm still looking for a job. In the Nesson, my main job is to maintain the test cluster and simple office network, of course, there are some servers and other building (excellent Nesson was building a website, also known as the Doctor of the Age site).

  6. Although my system administrator's work time is not too long, but some of the work experience and content can be written down to share with you and record my growth footprint.

  7. With the accumulation of my work experience and the passage of time, I will share with you more about it and more.

  8. My current direction is high-level system administrators and senior DBAs, and a little longer target is the CTO of technical director and so on, and so on, a little farther away the goal is not here to talk about.

  9. I now turn to my understanding of the narrow-sense it (server) operational knowledge Framework. I think the current operations are mainly focused on software aspects (such as: System software, application software, software development, software architecture, server monitoring, optimization, scripting, etc.), of course, there are some hardware maintenance (such as: switches, routers and other management and maintenance).

  10. Usually do one thing to do well, the total first has a plan, work and blog generally should complement each other, work accumulated experience, blog to enhance the ability to work, I will try to follow this request to ask themselves, that is, to improve themselves, but also to help others.

  11. I put my words here to everyone: all from life, all from the network, with a view to mutual encouragement!

  12. OK, let's start my blog.

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Overview Everything comes from life, everything comes from the network

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