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At present, the development of broadband routers is very rapid, and many people may not understand the common broadband router settings. It does not matter. After reading this article, you will certainly have a lot of GAINS. I hope this article will teach you more. Set the IP address of a computer and the router management address in the same network segment. For example, Open the browser of and enter "http: // after 8080, press the Enter key to display the user login prompt window. Enter the default management account and password in the broadband router configuration manual to enter the setting interface.

To enable the router to automatically dial, we also need to integrate the ADSL account into the router. Click the "Homepage" tab on the top, and then click "WAN" on the left. On the PPP over Ethernet page, you can see the place where the ADSL account is set. Enter the applied ADSL account and password and save the settings. Now, go to the "System Information" section in the "system status" tab to check the network status. On the WAN side, you can clearly see the network information obtained by ADSL dialing.

After configuring the ADSL account, we can set up Internet access through the Broadband Router. However, to better manage and improve security, you need to perform the following operations: click the "Homepage" tab, select "DHCP" on the left and set the ip address range in the ip address range that the DHCP server can enter. After saving the settings, the Broadband Router can automatically assign ip addresses.

Prevent Unauthorized bt attacks

By default, all computers connected to the vro are protected. That is to say, if they are in the Intranet, the use of p2p software such as bt may be affected. We can use "DMZ" in the "Advanced Settings" label to set the declared host. The host set up here is exposed in the network. On the one hand, you can use bt to download software and create iis and ftp servers without any concerns, and on the other hand, it is also exposed to hackers and viruses, therefore, the security of the computer must be well done. It would be unwise to declare the host only to use p2p software such as bt. In fact, we can use the upnp function to solve the problem that p2p software cannot be used in the intranet. You can click "Other Projects" under the "Tools" tab on the "VBR Settings" Page and set upnp to "start .)

Go to the filter tag in the broadband router settings interface. We can filter the source and address of the datagram by multiple items, including IP address, url Information, mac address, and region information. Set "Activate" ip address filtering, and enter an IP address within the IP address range, for example, Port information is actually entered in the "port range" field. Because bt downloads ports 6881 to 6889, We can filter them here. Select tcp for "protocol" and "Schedule" to set the time when the filter takes effect depending on the actual situation ).

Service and Security

Hackers and viruses exposed to the internet may exploit vulnerabilities to attack computers. In fact, we can solve this problem by setting up virtual servers. Log on to the Broadband Router settings page. Select the virtual server tag on the Advanced Settings page. Activate the virtual server settings and enter the relevant virtual server information. For example, if we want to allow the computer to provide the ftp service, but want to protect other ports from the vro, we can simply virtualize the ftp service. Set the personal IP address to, the Protocol mode is tcpftp service uses tcp), and the personal port 21ftp uses port 21 ). In addition, you can set the time period for this virtual service to take effect in the "arrange" area.

Tp-link router Configuration Guide

It is relatively easy to implement the basic configuration of the router so that the computer can share the Internet through the router. The following content of this document mainly describes the following parts:

1. Collect and judge the information to prepare for configuring the router;
2. Go to the vro management interface and set the Broadband Router;
3. Simple troubleshooting during configuration!

Preparations before configuring a vro if you know your connection method clearly, you can directly jump to). The first thing you need to confirm is what your "Broadband Access Method" is? Of course, the simplest way is to give a call to your ISP Internet Service Provider. You can also make a quick judgment by using the previous network connection method of the router you purchased.

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