Overview of the Hibernate framework

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One: Hibernate

1. A persistent framework (the actual principle: JDBC is encapsulated at the bottom)

Persistence of objects: two angles of understanding,

1). Narrow: Save the object into the database;

2) Generalized: includes various operations related to the database

For example: Save, Update, clear, find, load

☆ Load: Indicates that a particular oid.j is the loading of an object from the database into memory.

#OID表示对象术语中的对象标识 (Object identifer)

2. Lightweight ORM Framework (ORM is the soul of hibernate)

ORM (Object Relation Mapping) Object Relational Mapping

-orm is primarily used to solve object-relational mappings

-orm thought: The operation of converting a database operation to an object (established entity Class)

-orm uses metadata to describe the details of an object-relational map, which is typically in XML format

Metadata: Metadata is the data used to define the data. For example, there is a student information record that includes the name of the field, age, gender (male), class, and so on, so the name, ages, male, and class are metadata. By their description, a data record of the student's information is generated;

Overview of the Hibernate framework

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