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The term Cheat Sheet is not properly translated in Chinese. It is probably something like cheating in exams. This requires Cheat Sheet to be short, concise, and widely used as a Web development and designer, inevitably, You can query a large amount of data at work, a certain Web color value, and the core Syntax of a JavaScript library. If this kind of data is collected, you may be afraid that there are as many half rooms, if you use Cheet Sheet, dozens of pages may be enough. This article collects nearly a hundred pieces of Cheet Sheet for Web development and design, and you will find them very useful.


It is not only a complete CSS2 quick query manual, but also shows you how to use each attribute. Preview | download (PDF)

Gosquared CSS help sheets

The design and structure are neat and beautiful. Download (PDF)

Addedbytes CSS2 Cheat Sheet

The Quick query manual has only one page, including all the selectors and attributes of CSS 2.1 and a box of model examples. Download (PDF | PNG)

Core css

The core knowledge of CSS is divided into three parts, including all aspects of CSS. Download (free registration required)

CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

CSS elements that are hard to remember. Download (PDF)

CSS2-Quick Reference Guide-PDF download (PDF) XHTML 1.1 Cheat Sheet

All elements and attributes involved in the XHTML 1.1 rules. Preview | download

Gosquared html help sheets

A well-designed HTML quick query. Download (PDF)

HTML Cheat Sheet

A single HTML quick query table of A4 paper size. Download (PDF | PNG)

HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet

The Quick query manual for HTML5 Canvas objects is directly compiled from the WHATWG specs details, but it is easier to read. Download (PDF | PNG)

HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

Quick query of HTML characters. Download (PDF | PNG)

HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

The table contains HTML 4-character identifiers, including characters in the ISO8859-1 (Latin-1. Preview | download

HTML Colors Cheat Sheet

The HTML color table contains 1050 colors, which are differentiated by color. Each color contains 25 different saturation and brightness. It also contains 216 Web security colors. Preview | download (PDF)

RGB Hex Colour Chart

RGB hexadecimal color table. It contains 216 Web security colors. Download (PNG | PDF)

Scripting quick query manual JavaScript Cheat Sheet

Methods and functions including JavaScript, regular forms, and XMLHttpRequest objects. Download (PNG | PDF)

JavaScript DOM Cheatsheet

Quick query of JavaScript DOM structure. Download (PDF)

JQuery 1.3 Cheat Sheet

JQuery 1.3 quick query table. Preview | download (PDF)

JQuery Cheat Sheet 1.2 jQuery 1.2 Quick Reference Manual download (PDF) mootools 1.2 cheat sheet

Another JavaScript library MooTools 1.2 quick reference manual. Download (PDF)

Prototype 1.5.0 Quick Reference Manual for Prototype 1.5 JavaScript library. Download (PDF) Prototype Cheat Sheet

JavaScript Prototype quick reference manual. Download (PDF)

Addison-Wesley's JavaScript Reference Card

JavaScript reference manual. Download (PDF)

JQuery selectors

This Quick query manual is indispensable for jQuery developers. It lists all jQuery selectors in detail. Download (free Xu Registration)

Server programming PHP Cheat Sheet (V2)

Single-page PHP reference manual, including date format, regular expressions, and common functions. Download (PDF | PNG)


The site contains two basic PHP quick query manuals and eight Advanced Quick query manuals. Not free.

Php 4 Reference Card PHP4 refer to quick Reference manual. Download (PDF) PHP Cheat Sheet

Quick query manual for PHP comparison operations. Download

Core C # and. NET Quick Reference C # and. NET Quick Reference manual. Download (PDF) ASP.net ASP. NET quick reference manual. Download the quick query manual for ASP and VB scripts of ms asp. Download (PNG | PDF)

Msnet formatting strings: Quick query of Microsoft. NET string formatting. Download (PDF) Structured Query Language in one page SQL quick Query. Directly access MySQL Cheat Sheet MySQL for quick query. Download the (PNG | PDF) XML (eXtensible Markup Language) in one page XML single-page quick reference manual. Directly access the XML Syntax Quick Reference XML Syntax Reference. Download (PDF) SEO quick query manual The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet

SEO quick query manual from seo moz, including important seo html tags, search engine index restrictions, and Title Tag syntax recommendations. Download (PDF)

Source: http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/tools/cheat-sheets/front-end-web-developers-toolbox.html

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