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1. Contact a local newspaper for cooperation. For example, the channel Metropolis Daily in Xinxiang has a classified advertisement column. We can talk to them about cooperation, we can publish their information to our website for free, as long as they post the website and introduction to our website in their newspapers.

2. Business cards: design a business card with its own website characteristics. When you participate in activities or meet friends and family members, do not forget to hand it over at any time to form a habit and accumulate slowly, when you send around five boxes, the effect is a little obvious.

3. Find a well-known store to cooperate, and open up a column for them for free to interact with customers and perform online marketing. The website will be afraid that no one will use it. As long as someone uses it, it will have vitality. Your website will soon be launched. For example, when I look for the classified information network, I opened a business column. If you are interested, you can check it out.

4. If a store is launching a leaflet for publicity, find a way to exchange resources and print your website on the leaflet. For example, you can give them free ads for one or two months on the website, and in the future, if they advertise, they will be compromised and so on for exchange.

5. Buy several T-shirts, print your website logo on them, and send them to friends and relatives around you. They love to wear them for your promotion, you can also wear it yourself.

6. Print thousands of leaflets and distribute them to various communities and schools.

7. Many plastic tapes are printed to fast food restaurants for free. The plastic tapes are printed on the website. For example, you can write as follows:

Website name: local classification information network


Website Introduction: Xinxiang second-hand electric vehicles, second-hand rental and sales houses, classified information, and convenience Network

Simply print the logo at a conspicuous position!

8. If you have a little money, you can hire two information collectors (only part-time workers) to wear the T-shirt above to collect classified information in the streets and send promotional cards at will, this may take a month or two (such as winter and summer vacations), or go to a nearby school to hire students for a part-time job on weekends. It is also a first-served, first-served, and very popular on weekends, every weekend, I called and asked if I had a part-time job. Haha, two-way publicity. Soon your website name came up.

9. If you are engaged in forums and online games, get to know local online game experts, pull them over, and open a Special Area in your own forum for them to discuss and trade, it's so hot that if all those playing games in the internet cafe are on your site, there's a drama.

10. Are there any local activities recently? The free effort is to publicize it for them. In fact, it is just an opportunity to speculate. People will pay attention to your website because of this.

11. Cooperate with the local television and radio media. If you have the ability to persuade them, and have enough funds as the foundation.

12. Open the 315 complaint column and paste two posters to a crowded place for complaints. This promotion is especially effective during festivals.

13. When it comes to festivals, there are many holiday opportunities. As long as they are festivals, they are all good publicity opportunities. If there are insufficient resources, we must fully cooperate with local merchants, such as Valentine's Day, can you cooperate with the flower shop to provide a one-stop online flower booking service with discounts and features, not available in other flower shops.

14. What's more interesting: Are there a lot of people in the park? Sometimes there are more people looking for a place to sit down and have no rest? haha, someone will provide the stool service and buy dozens of stools, you can rent it to others for one RMB at a time. It takes a long time to sit down. Look for this kind of person, sponsor 10 stools, there is your advertisement above, but only accept a market price of half, he is generally willing.

15. Work with a local Internet cafe to set the default homepage of your browser as your website. You will advertise your website on www.net.8.

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