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Recently, some tools have been used in cooperative development, and I feel a lot of relief for myself. I was so busy that I learned my own test subject "software development tools" by the way..

This book is divided into two parts, one part is the theoretical part, mainly discusses the reasons for the need for software development tools:

Using so many pieces of paper, we will discuss the tools we need at various stages of the software development process, and then introduce the development tool standards in two aspects: for developers, there is a standard for developing useful tools, and there is a standard for users to choose. Introduce the past and present of software development tools.

The second part is mainly about how to use the tools required in various stages of software development:

Rational Rose is used for modeling. This should be very familiar;

Project management uses CVs, which feels like SVN: authorization, check out, and code submission. These basic operations are exactly the same as SVN;

At the development stage, the development is mainly based on Eclipse. However, I don't know if this is a good open source. I have to install so many things separately:

JDK: Java runs the virtual environment platform (environment variables are not configured here: Click to open the link. Pay attention to JDK and JRE path issues during installation)

Mingw: compiled


It seems that there are a lot of things to install. Unlike vs, there is nothing to install at a time, but probably the eclipse development is here.

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