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Network is a complex collection. Even for a simple connection, it also passes through a complex network protocol. What is network protocol? Here is a brief introduction. How do computers on the network exchange information? Just as we speak in a language, there is also a language between various computers on the network. This is the network protocol. Different computers must use the same network protocol for communication.

What is network protocol? The network protocol is a set of communication rules between network servers, computers, switches, routers, firewalls, and other devices on the network, it defines the formats required for communication and the meaning of these formats. most networks adopt a layered architecture. Each layer is built on its lower layer to provide certain services to its upper layer, the details of how to implement this service are blocked on the previous layer. the rules for communication between layer n on one device and layer n on the other device are layer n protocol. there are many protocols in each layer of the network. The protocol between the receiver and the sender must be consistent. Otherwise, one party cannot identify the information sent by the other party. the network protocol enables various devices on the network to exchange information with each other. common protocols include TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBEUI. IPX/SPX is used in local area networks .. if you access the Internet, you must add the TCP/IP protocol to the network protocol.

TCP/IP is short for "transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol", which is translated as transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), TCP/IP transmission Control Protocol/internetprotocol) it is a network communication protocol that regulates all communication devices on the network, especially the data exchange formats and transmission methods between one host and another. TCP/IP is a basic INTERNET protocol and a standard method for packaging and addressing computer data. in data transmission, two envelopes can be visually resolved. The TCP/IP and IP are like an envelope. The information to be transmitted is divided into several segments, each of which is inserted into a TCP envelope, record the information of the segment number on the envelope, insert the TCP envelope into the IP address envelope, and send the information to the Internet. on the receiving end, a TCP Software Package collects envelopes, extracts data, restores the data in the order before sending, and verifies the data. If an error is found, TCP requests to resend the data. therefore, TCP/IP can transmit data almost without errors on the INTERNET. for common users, you do not need to understand the entire structure of the network protocol. You only need to know the IP address format to communicate with networks around the world.

IPX/SPX is XEROX's Network SystemXNS Protocol based on XEROX, while SPX is XEROX's spox quenced Packet Protocol based on XEROX, they are a high-speed protocol developed by novell for LAN. A major difference between it and TCP/IP is that it does not use an IP address, but uses the NIC physical address (MAC) address. in actual use, it basically does not need any settings, and can be used after installation. since it played a huge role in the early days of network popularity, it has been supported by many vendors, including microsoft, and many software and hardware have now supported this protocol.

NetBEUI is the NetBios Enhanced User Interface, or the NetBios enhancement User Interface. it is an enhanced version of the NetBIOS protocol and has been used by many operating systems, such as Windows for Workgroup, Windows 9x series, and Windows NT. the NETBEUI protocol is useful in many cases. It is the default protocol of the operating system before Windows 98. in short, the NetBEUI protocol is a short and concise broadcast protocol with high communication efficiency. It does not need to be set after installation. It is especially suitable for transmitting data in "Network neighbors. therefore, we recommend that you install NetBEUI on the LAN Computer in addition to the TCP/IP protocol. note that if you want to add a Windows 98 machine with only TCP/IP protocol to the WINNT domain, you must also install NetBEUI protocol.

At this point, I believe everyone knows what network protocols are. In the future, we will also be exposed to various network protocols.

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