Overwrite ToString Method The default ToString method provided by Java is not useful

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There is also a problem with package management, and there is no official best management solution, there are a lot of home-made solutions in the go world. The go language package is not centrally managed by using the go get command to pull from the remote code base (Github.com,goolge code, etc.), skipping the constraints of the central repository directly, allowing the code to pull directly based on the source code version Control Library, Collaboration between developers is directly dependent on source code versioning. The concept of the library version is removed directly. There is no obvious package version identification, the feeling is still a bit uncomfortable, the official recommendation is to copy the externally dependent code to their own controllable source of the repository, for consent management. Thus, the controllable management of the dependent packages is achieved.

R Software is very powerful, can be very good to do various statistics, and can output graphics. The following describes a method of communication between the R language and C # and displays the R drawing results to the WinForm UI interface.

Recently encountered a demand-participle matching, given a keyword table, as a custom word segmentation dictionary, user query text after the word segmentation, whether the word fell into this custom dictionary? Most of the existing word breakers in the Java system support the addition of custom dictionaries, but do not support the addition of HDFS paths. Therefore, I need to find a simple and efficient word segmentation scheme, which can be packaged to support HDFs. The mmseg segmentation algorithm is perfectly suited to this requirement.

ES5 and ES6 are literally an upgrade process, a new generation of standards, a fast-growing IT industry, the need to understand and adapt to a new standard usage, which is why I chose to write this topic, and I would suggest that you read some of the relevant information about the original definition and origin. https://www.cnblogs.com/hg3088com/

The principle is very simple, but contains the wisdom, later what can not be confused, look at the source code, if there is a realization directly according to his plan.

Need to choose a local picture, the first consideration is undoubtedly the system album, but Android phone a variety of, and then the mobile phone pixel upgrade, large map can not return such abnormal factors, resulting in a more difficult to adapt to the model, QQ has been in their own app in the integration of the image selection function, abandoned the system provides the picture selector , here imitation QQ made a local image selector, PS: Before someone said "imitation" written as "anti", today deliberately pay attention to the next, beg good.

Some of the problems are still more troublesome, the data is in fact also constantly revised, especially between Netframe and core, there is a compatibility problem, so that the multi-platform program is still some attention. We often have such a scenario: the need to periodically poll some eligible data, in the event of a certain condition, the data to make certain processing, such as: e-commerce platform to engage in promotional activities, set the start time of the event, at the time of arrival to the start of the promotion of some promotional information to the site front desk. At this time we commonly used methods are: Windows Service,console job and so on to deal with, this article to Quartz scheduling console job to achieve.

Machine learning projects, inevitably need to add some optimization algorithms, for the optimization algorithm, mountain climbing algorithm is more important. In view of this, took some time to carefully read some of the mountain climbing algorithm paper. Based on these, do some summary.

Of course the direct execution of this paragraph, you will certainly encounter a similar error. Since your startup project is the Web, currently you have not done the references that the project should have, so it tells you that you can't find DAL.dll.

Recently saw a good button click Effect, when clicked to produce a ripple effect, very fun, so simple implementation of the next (not considering the low version of browser compatibility issues)

Overwrite ToString Method The default ToString method provided by Java is not useful

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