P2P technology identification and restrictions

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It took more than ten days to analyze the characteristics of the Wawa protocol and identify the data packets downloaded and uploaded by Wawa. I thought it would be because the Wawa protocol was encrypted, p2P software such as eDonkey and sky support protocol encryption. Decryption and identification of encryption protocols ...... The difficulty is not average.

I don't know if this encryption protocol works. The process is like this: machine A, which needs to be downloaded using P2P software on the Intranet, machine B on the Intranet, and machine C on the Internet storage resource, d running the P2P software. The transmission protocols used by p2p are similar to TCP and UDP. For the TCP transmission protocol, data is sent after a connection (three-way handshake) is established. The packets sent in this process are simulated as Route B (assumed a) to machine D (assumed C) check whether a correct connection result is returned. If machine D cannot find the requested file, it should be able to identify its own data packets to make a correct response, vrob B determines whether it is the software data packet based on the sixth data packet (response from machine d, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. This P2P protocol that can identify and encrypt is actually recognized by the software itself.

UDP can be used in a similar way, because generally, after a request, the port will not be changed before the data block is sent.

However, this method may encounter a problem in the future. The P2P software further encrypts some host information, but this situation does not exist yet. Or, before the connection is established, the server first notifies the host to be connected to, so that a match is performed, but this increases the burden on the server and does not meet the future development direction.

Currently, it is only an idea. The specific implementation and feasibility of this method will be improved later.

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