P2psearcher detailed graphics and text use tutorial

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P2psearcher (seed search artifact) is a Peer-to-peer technology based resource search software that uses it both in movies. The novel, the picture or the music and so on, can easily search, and then use the donkey or thunder to download, very convenient, the following small series to say that this small soft use method

The specific tutorials are as follows:

1, for example, we want to search the step of alarming this drama in the keyword input step-by-step alarming point search as shown

2, because this software often search for some viruses, in fact, most of the virus can be based on the extension can be differentiated, such as Exe,rar and other packages, and the size is significantly smaller. (as pictured)

These are the viruses that look.

3, here Small series to tell us a trick, we can generally sort by size once. You can throw those rubbish away.

4, then select the content you want. Right-click----Use Thunderbolt download.

5, in the bounce out of the Thunder dialog box midpoint. Download now. It's OK.

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