Package database additions and deletions this common method

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 Public classJdbcTemplate {/** Add and delete package * @param sql: The SQL statement to execute * @param params sql corresponding parameter value, must be corresponding to question mark one by one * @return rows increase the number of lines affected * @t Hrows SQLException*/     Public Static intUpdate (String Sql,object []params) throws sqlexception{//call the encapsulated method to register the driver and establish a link to the databaseConnection conn =connectionfactory.getconnection (); //Create the Preparestatement () method of the SQL statement that needs to be executedPreparedStatement pstmt =conn.preparestatement (SQL); //determine if the array that is passed in is the correct SQL statement        if(params!=NULL&&params.length>0){             for(inti =0; I <params. length; i++) {                //since the subscript of the array is starting from 0, the subscript of the database starts from 1 and must be subscript +1//Params[i] is the corresponding parameter typePstmt.setobject (i+1,params[i]); }        }        //Call method returns the number of affected rows modified        introws =pstmt.executeupdate (); //To invoke a method of closing resources encapsulated in Factory modeConnectionfactory.close (PSTMT, conn); //return to Rows        returnrows; }         Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {//create the SQL statement you want to executeString sql ="update t_user set password=? and id=?"; Try {            //New object[] {"333", 1} "333" is the modified password 1 is the user of id=1 in the table            introws = jdbctemplate.update (sql,NewObject[] {"333",1}); System. out. println (rows); } Catch(SQLException e) {//TODO auto-generated Catch blockE.printstacktrace (); }    }    }

Package database additions and deletions this common method

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