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Package Management: rpm


/ etc,/bin,/sbin,/lib, operation of the system itself to run and start the required path, these directories can not mount additional partitions must be on the root

/usr/ operating system core functional path, can be partitioned separately




usr/local Software Installation directory







/proc cannot separate partition, default is empty


/ Dev device files, cannot be partitioned separately

Udev : Creates a device file dynamically.

/root cannot be partitioned separately

/ var recommended separate partitioning

/ Boot Kernel, initrd (INITRAMFS)

rpm command:


Database :/var/lib/rpm


Install, query, uninstall, upgrade, verify, rebuild the database, etc work:

Rpm–i Install packages

Package: Components

Main package format:


Child package format:


Package name format:



Major version number: significant change

Minor version number: A significant change in a child function

issue number: Fixed part Bugs, adjusted a little bit of functionality

x86 bit x64 bit Noarch Not Limited

1 , Uname-r : Displays the release number of the operating system

2 , uname-a : Displays the system name, the node name, the release number of the operating system, the operating system version, the machine running the system ID number.


HP-UX RX1600 b.11.23 U ia64 3811068750 unlimited-user license

The meanings of the columns are as follows:

1. HP-UX

Name of the operating system

2. RX1600

The name of the node in the network

3. b.11.23

operating System release version ( Release ) 's name

4. U

Operating System version

5. IA64

Description is the Itanium® series


of the Machine Identification Number

7. Unlimited-user License

System of License level. There is no limit to the maximum number of users.

Rpm–v Show more information

rpm–h in # Show Progress: each # represents 2% ;

-VV : A more detailed process

Rpm–ivh/path/to? Package_file

--nodeps : Ignore dependencies

--replacepkgs Reinstall , replace the original installation

--force : Forced installation, can be re-installed or degraded

2. Enquiry

Rpm–q Enquiry package_name queries whether the specified package is installed

Rpm–qa Enquiry All packages that have been installed

Rpm–qi package_name Querying description information for a specified package

rpm-q–scripts package_name query the script contained in the specified package

RPM–QC Query the configuration file after the installation of the specified package

RPM-QD package_name Query the Help file for the specified package installation

RPM–QL queries the configuration file that the file list package installs after the specified package is installed

rpm–qf/path/to/somefile/: Query the specified file is by which rpm package installs the generated

If a rpm package is not yet installed, we need to query its description information and install the files that will be generated later:



3 Upgrade

Rpm–uvh/path/to/new-package-file If there is an older version, then upgrade, otherwise install

Rpm-fvh/path/to/new-package-file If there is an older version, then upgrade, otherwise quit

--oldpackage downgrade

4. Uninstall

rpm–e package_name Uninstall

5. Check

Rpm–v package_name

6. Rebuilding the database


--REBUILDDB Rebuilding the database

--initab Initialize database, no build, no build

7. Verification of source legality, and software integrity

Encryption Type  

symmetric: Encrypt and decrypt using the same secret key

Public key: A pair of keys, public key, private key : The public key is implied in the private key, can be extracted, and publicly out;

One way :


DSA,GPG verify the legitimacy of the source and also verify the signature

SHA1,MD5 Verifying Package Integrity : can use -nodigest Skip This item


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Package Management: RPM

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