Package Npoi exporting Excel with drop-down list

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1  /// <summary>2         ///ways to bind data3         /// </summary>4         /// <param name= "Ssfworkbook" >Hssfworkbook</param>5         /// <param name= "Sheet1" >Hssfsheet</param>6         /// <param name= "Catedt" >Data Source</param>7         /// <param name= "SheetName" >page name</param>8         /// <param name= "Dispname" >Display Name</param>9         /// <param name= "Row" >falls into the first few columns</param>Ten         /// <param name= "Nextcount" >The position of the next column (as long as there is 1, followed by 1, and so on)</param> One         Private voidGetcategorydata (Hssfworkbook Ssfworkbook, Hssfsheet Sheet1, DataTable Catedt,stringSheetName,stringDispname,intRowintnextcount) A         { -             Try -             { theHssfsheet Sheet2 = Ssfworkbook. Createsheet ("Sht"+sheetname); -                 intIndexcate =0; -Ssfworkbook. Setsheethidden (Row-nextcount,true);//Hidden -  +                 foreach(DataRow Cateiteminchcatedt.rows) -                 { +Sheet2. CreateRow (indexcate). Createcell (0). Setcellvalue (Cateitem[dispname]. ToString ());//column Data Aindexcate++; at                 } -Hssfname range = Ssfworkbook. Createname ();//Create a name -Range. Reference ="Sht"+ SheetName +"! $A $: $A $"+ indexcate;//format -Range. NameName =SheetName; -  -                 //Add a drop-down list inCellrangeaddresslist regions =NULL; -Regions =NewCellrangeaddresslist (1,65535, Row-1, Row-1); toDvconstraint constraint =Dvconstraint.createformulalistconstraint (sheetname); +Hssfdatavalidation datavalidate =NewHssfdatavalidation (regions, constraint); - Sheet1. Addvalidationdata (datavalidate); the             } *             Catch { } $}
1    /// <summary>2         ///Set Excel Header (array length must be the same)3         /// </summary>4         /// <param name= "StrName" >the name in Excel</param>5         /// <param name= "width" >Wide</param>6         /// <param name= "HeaderRow" >Hssfrow</param>7         /// <param name= "Sheet1" >Hssfsheet</param>8         /// <param name= "Hssfworkbook" >Ssfworkbook</param>9         Private stringSetupexceltitle (Hssfworkbook Ssfworkbook,string[] StrName,int[] width, hssfrow headerrow, Hssfsheet Sheet1)Ten         { One             Try A             { -                 if(Strname.length! =width. Length) -                 { the                     return "array length is different! "; -                 } -Hssffont Fonttitle =Ssfworkbook. CreateFont (); -Fonttitle.fontheightinpoints = One; +Fonttitle.boldweight =Hssffont.boldweight_normal; -Hssfcellstyle Hssfcelltitle =Ssfworkbook. Createcellstyle (); + Hssfcelltitle.setfont (fonttitle); A  at                  for(inti =0; i < strname.length; i++) -                 { -                     //set up the table header - Headerrow.createcell (i). Setcellvalue (Strname[i]); -                     //to set the width of a table header - Sheet1. Setcolumnwidth (i, width[i]); inHeaderrow.getcell (i). CellStyle =Hssfcelltitle; -                 } to                 return "OK"; +             } -             Catch(Exception ex) the             { *                 returnEx. Message; $             }Panax Notoginseng}
1  /// <summary>2         ///set up Excel content3         /// </summary>4         /// <param name= "values" >content</param>5         /// <param name= "DataRow" >Hssfrow</param>6         Private voidSetupexcelcontent (string[] values, Hssfrow dataRow)7         {8              for(inti =0; I < values. Length; i++)9             {Ten                 //Populating Data One Datarow.createcell (i). Setcellvalue (Values[i]); A             } -}

Package Npoi exporting Excel with drop-down list

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