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As the price of the burner keeps decreasing, the burner is pouring into the home of ordinary computer users. With the lowest unit cost, large storage capacity, simple operation, and long storage life of the burned CD, the burner is increasingly favored by the majority of computer users. However, many users may encounter some problems when using the burner. Among them, the most typical is to use a burner for ultra-capacity burning.

Files in ISO format downloaded from the Internet are often larger than 700m. When these files are burned on a disc, the recording software will prompt that the available space of the disc is exceeded. You need to insert other high-capacity discs to continue burning. The following figure uses the Nero recording software as an example:

In this case, the burner will automatically open the warehouse door, and the process of burning a large-capacity disc will not continue. This is because the capacity of most CD-W discs is 700 m, and the size of Erasable CD-RW discs is 650 m. In fact, if the file size exceeds the capacity of the disc, you can burn this type of disc through ultra-clicking.

As you know, theoretically, the capacity of each type of CD-R and CD-RW disc is fixed. But in fact, CD manufacturers usually leave some room in the production process. Normally, the optical material is uniformly applied to the outer area of the optical disc, most of the recording software, such as Nero and nti cd dvd-maker platinum, also provide the ability to burn over the normal burning range. With this function, you can burn data that exceeds its theoretical capacity on a CD-R disc. The following is the author of The Nero v6.3.1.20 recording software as an example, introduce the specific operation process of the CD-R ultra-engraved disc, hope to help everyone.

Step 1: Test the actual disk capacity

In order to have a definite understanding of the actual capacity of the disc, you can use the Nero CD-DVD speed in the Nero software to test the disc. Insert the CD-R disc on the burner and click Nero → Nero toolkit → Nero CD-DVD speed under the Start Menu, as shown in the figure:

"Nero CD-DVD speed" appears"ProgramScreen, click "Super test..." in "Others" on the menu bar ...", See the figure below:

Then the test window appears, showing the basic information of the CD-R disc, including capacity, time, manufacturer, disk type, etc,

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