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1. Adding headers to the JSP<meta http-equiv="Pragma"Content="No-cache"> <meta http-equiv="Cache-control"Content="No-cache"> <meta http-equiv="Expires"Content="0">or Join<meta http-equiv="pragma"Content="No-cache"/> <meta http-equiv="Content-type"Content="No-cache, Must-revalidate"/> <meta http-equiv="Expires"Content="Wed, 1997 08:21:57 GMT"/>Clear Temporary Cache<body onload="Javascript:document.yourFormName.reset ()">2. In action, use the following declaration Response.setheader ("Pragma","No-cache"); Response.setheader ("Cache-control","No-cache"); Response.setdateheader ("Expires",0);3. Random Parameter document.write ("<script src= ' test.js?rnd="+math.random () +"' ></s"+"cript>"). 4. jquery Ajax clears the browser cache in two ways:1. Set properties via $.ajaxsetup cache:false, so that Ajax does not invoke the browse cache. Jquery.ajaxsetup ({cache:false}) 2You can avoid browsing the cache by adding a random string to the Ajax URL, such as $.ajax ({URL:'test.php?'+parseint (Math.random () *100000)}) cache5Sometimes the above method clears the cache only once, and the second time there is no effect. Therefore, I think the best way is, in the process of debugging, disable IE cache, so debugging is OK. However, the user will not be banned, this is not a problem? Users will not we do not care, if you write the JS code, we will add a version of the JS file number on the good. For example:<script type="Text/javascript"Src="<%=baseurl%>/xhd_js/select-ajax.js?1.0"></script>but what if the developer modifies the JS file user? After the modifications are determined to be used, add<script type="Text/javascript"Src="<%=baseurl%>/xhd_js/select-ajax.js?2.0"></script>You can resolve the issue. 

Page JS Cache problem Solution

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