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Just now, when I saw a netizen talking about paging, I think it was the simplest effect to create a paging function.
This section is used to open the table and assign values to the elements (saving you the need to connect to the database, please do it yourself ):
<% SQL = "........................ "
Rs. open SQL, conn, 1, 1
Rs. pagesize = 10'. This indicates that 10 records are displayed on each page.
Page = clng (request ("page") 'gets the page number value
If page = "" or page <1 then page = 1'
If page> rs. pagecount then page = rs. pagecount
Rs. AbsolutePage = page %>
Next, place the following code in the desired position to display the page turning link:
<% If page <> 1 then %> <a href = "page. asp? Page = 1 "> homepage </a> <% else %> homepage <% end if %> |
<% If page> 1 then %> <a href = "page. asp? Page = <% = page-1%> "> Previous page </a> <% else %> Previous page <% end if %> |
<% If page <rs. pagecount then %> <a href = "page. asp? Page = <% = page + 1%> "> Next page </a> <% else %> Next page <% end if %> |
<% If page <> rs. pagecount then %> <a href = "page. asp? Page = <% = rs. pagecount %> "> Last page </a> <% else %> last page <% end if %> |
Total <% = rs. pagecount %> pages/page <% = page %>/<% = rs. recordcount %> records
Then, the statement for paging is not used:
While not rs. eof
Rs. movenext
Replace with the following code:
For ipage = 1 to rs. pagesize
If rs. eof then exit for 'The Last Record jumps out of the loop
Rs. movenext
Okay, that's easy enough .. When I first started playing this game, it was a huge piece of code that made my head dizzy .. I hope it will help you.
I posted "original" here for the first time, but I don't know if I am qualified to go to the "Document Center .. Haha ..
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