Pagination of C # encapsulated stored procedures

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DAL layer:

Public DataTable getdatabypage (int pageindex,int pagesize,out int totalcount)



1.0 define the name of the stored procedure, which must be the stored procedure that exists in the database

String Prodname= "Usp_getlistbypage";

2.0 defining an array of parameters required for a stored procedure

Sqlparameter[] Params=new sqlparameter[]{

New SqlParameter ("@pageIndex", PageIndex),

New SqlParameter ("@pageSize", PageSize),

New SqlParameter ("@totalcount", TotalCount)


3.0 because the TotalCount parameter type in the stored procedure is output, you should add a description to it here

PARAMS[2]. Direction=parameterdirection.output;

4.0 start execution, note that execution must be in get params[2]. Value before it is run, otherwise the number of rows that do not get a true qualifying data totalcount

DataSet dt=dbhelpersql.runprocedure (prodname,params, "list");

if (params[2]. Value!=null)


Totalcount=int. Parse (Params[2]. Value.tostring ());


Return DS. Tables[0];


BLL Layer:

Public list< Table Entities > getlistbypage (int pageindex,int pagesize,out int totalcount)


DataTable Dt=dal. Getlistbypage (Pageindex,pagesize,out totalcount);

return datatabletolist (DT);


Site Layer:

public void Getlistbypage ()


1.0 accept AJAX requests or URL requests passed over parameters

String pageindex=request.querystring["PageIndex"];

String pagesize=request.querystrinig["PageSize"];

2.0 validation of parameter legitimacy to determine if int


3.0 Convert pageindex and pagesize to int as parameter pass

int Ipageindex=int. Parse (PageIndex);

int Ipagesize=int. Parse (pageSize);

int totalcount=0;

4.0 paging method calling the BLL layer

list< Table entities > list = BLL. Getdatalistbypage (Ipageindex,ipagesize,out totalcount);

--Here's a question, I'm sure to go back to the list to the front end, but also to return the total number of totalcount, or return totalcount/pagesize=, which I would probably, this is about to start

--Study our pagination control.

Example: Jpageinate pagination control

Use of pagination control, see the next article


Pagination of C # encapsulated stored procedures

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