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Basically not limited by the record size, 15 milliseconds (access) of the SQL Stored Procedure in milliseconds or 0 milliseconds
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<! -- The paging data list process is completely self-original. Please make improvements without correction for piracy -->
<! -- Copy please keep this: author: CUIWL (QQ: 27086712 HOMEPAGE: WWW.DEMO-ASP.COM) -->
Sub works_list (pagesize, nsort, table, field, sqlwhere)
Dim recordcount, pagecount, pageno, I
Recordcount = application ("recordcount" & sqlwhere)
If recordcount = "" then
SQL = "select count (id) from works" & sqlwhere
Set rsw.conn.exe cute (SQL)
Recordcount = rs (0) 'total number of retrieved records
Application ("recordcount" & sqlwhere) = recordcount
End if
Pagecount = (recordcount-1) pagesize) + 1' total pages
Pageno = trim (request ("pageno") 'current page
If isempty (pageno) or not isnumeric (pageno) then
Pageno = 1
Pageno = pageno
End if
If pageno <1 then
Pageno = 1
End if
If pageno * 10> = pagecount * 10 then
Pageno = pagecount
End if

If recordcount> 0 then
Call get_pageid (1,100, pagesize, pageno, table, sqlwhere, pagecount)
End if
Response. write "<table width = '000000'> <tr height = 30> <td width = 50> No. </td> <td width = 100%> file name </td> <td width = 80> Author </td> <td width = 100> creation date </td> </tr>"
I = 0

If dblink = 1 then
SQL = "select top" & pagesize & "" & field & "from" & table & "& sqlwhere
Set rsw.conn.exe cute (SQL)
Cmd. commandtext = "page_list"
Cmd. parameters ("@ pagesize") = pagesize
Cmd. parameters ("@ table") = table
Cmd. parameters ("@ field") = field
Cmd. parameters ("@ sqlwhere") = sqlwhere
Set rs1_cmd.exe cute
End if
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