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Several previous projects, using the DWZ UI framework as a management background of the interface, think it is good. Personally feel a little regret is that the overall sense of the framework is not entrepreneurial, lack of stable feeling.
In the development process, encountered a number of problems, here to share with you.
DWZ version: DWZ RIA 1.3 Final
Explanation: Because before some custom, is directly will dwz.min.js to Dwz.newgxu.js, this does to the entire frame modification is too big, causes the later renewal and the maintenance various inconvenience. Therefore, the modification is now carried out in an overlay manner.

Problem Description:
In some paging nav, the server returns JSON after Ajaxtodo or pop-up dialog validatecallback:
{"StatusCode": "Message": "Permission deletion succeeded", "Navtabid": "Permission_list", "rel": "", "Callbacktype": "", "Forwardurl": " Permission/list "}
Here, the entire NAV will be refreshed, but all we want is to refresh the current page.

Here are some amendments to this question.

First of all, DWZ and the background of the form of intersection:

1. Through
Click here to post the request in the background, the address is the value of href, Ajax callback function by default is

2. Through target= "dialog"
If you add a new user, pop the input interface in a dialog way, and write:
Rel= "Rank_create" fresh= "false" > Add user

Pop-up content:
"Return to Validatecallback (this, dialogajaxdone);" >

After submitting this form, the callback function is Dialogajaxdone.

Tell me again. DWZ Paging Implementation:

action= "Permission/list" method= "get" onsubmit= "return Navtabsearch (this);" >

cellspacing= "0" bordercolor= "#999999" style= "Border-collapse:collapse" > This article links
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