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The company's Sport Club's paintball shopping spree finally kicked off today. For five people, there are always 32 shares (the company goes up and down )... Keep up with the top eight and top four. The semi-finals were so aggressive in the finals... In other cases, I will not be able to handle many attacks, so I will be able to refer to the "English" team name ~ "S. W. a.t", and the other two are called "Tomcat" and "delta force ". A few days ago, I used an email to expand my mouth watering and try again... It is no longer a ghost scene... It's really amazing... All ghost images are output...

I know that when I joined the top eight shopping carnivals today, I joined another group (four groups )... It's a perfect match ~ Feel should be enough first ~ However, I won't be able to compete with me for the uncle level. When I hit the round, I won the first prize (head shot) and a big temper when I fell into the game in two minutes... That is, begin... When "Xi" is out ~ Alas ~ Good colors long Steve is brave enough... She was immediately connected to a female member of the other party... We have successfully moved to the flag to bring our base camp!

He was able to receive the call records of the second round of round. This time, he was very impressed, and he was very lucky. You can attack the enemy with cover ~ In this case, I have a favorable position. I have joined two members of the enemy, and the other three are also known as "hot" and "low. Until 50 sub-accounts are used... Then I shouted, "Let's get a picture !" ... Even more powerful friends, even if the flag is buried, the success will be achieved... Turn your round 2 straight to the chinacache ~ When you hit the "West" game and hit the perfect score!

After eating the notebook, it seems that every notebook has been eaten. When the game started, I heard that the notebook was "Pipi-pakpak "... It's just a ghost! When I hit the round three times, I lost my hand. When I went to the last time when I was very lucky... I thought I could be a sniper again, and I felt like I was a "Lai Yun "... Then, I asked the referee about the chaos. When I tracked down the game, my friends were already struggling... And I am just waiting for a certain direction... I just don't have to worry about it... A back-to-back enemy called surrender... The hacker is out of the game again ~ If you are not able to cope with this problem, you will not be able to worry about it. Finally, after three rounds, only the uncle limit is reached 10 minutes... I was able to endure the same sort with the top eight leaders sayonara La ~

When it comes to the final conclusion, the feel is pretty cool and exciting, and it sounds like "Piak-Piak" again... Region ~ I know it's just a word... Success!

The following are the bullets, and masks (I use the black and yellow colors for the referee ~

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