Painter draw handsome Prince Illustrator tutorial sharing

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To the users of the painter software to detailed analysis to share the painting handsome Prince Illustrator tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
Blue, The thorn of the Rose will be a common interpretation of how an attractive picture? The author of this tutorial mainly used Painter9.5 combined with painting Shadow ⅱpf8080 hand-painted board to complete this exquisite picture, the following first look at the final effect chart (the effect of the picture is not misplaced, the following figure is mainly the author upside down):

Effect chart
1. Open PT, use pencil tool to draw a draft, this time is inverted composition, so the painting time to reverse painting oh, and then rotate the canvas to see the effect, sketch or more casual, the brain has probably the picture is good.

Figure 1
2. Put the line to the top of the layer, using a positive overlay mode, adjust the transparency. Rotate the canvas 180 degrees, this one needs to reverse painting oh, the online manuscript layer under the new layer of skin color.

Figure 2
3. Depict the face details to draw the contrast of the skin, remember to have patience, slowly rub the skin lubrication, or with a harmonic pen with oily crayons to draw, eyes and eyebrows details with pencil tool.

Figure 3
Strengthen the bright part and the high light, the picture appears vivid.

Figure 4
4. Add hair, use a fine spray gun to draw hair, using rubber adjustment

Figure 5
Rub in the high light of your hair to strengthen your hair's spirituality (attention level). Adjust opacity with eraser

, and gently rub the edge of the hair. Hidden line manuscript layer, the details should also be very careful, because the line in the above reasons, a lot of places to remove the line after the release layer to rest. Then rotate over to see the effect.

Figure 6
5. Use the oily crayon to draw the character's clothes, the rough edges, this time all uses is the blue color. Draw the contrast of light and shade.

Figure 7
6. This dress is a bit monotonous, we save as PSD, and then use Photoshop to open it, using PS than brush painting patterns, adjust the position, the pattern is superimposed. This point PS and PT can complement each other and save time.

Figure 8
By the way in the background layer pull up

Figure 9
7. Save PSD, then open with PT, add the hands and necklaces of the characters, when painting to rotate the canvas to see the effect.

Figure 10
8. Add scattered petals and white dots to increase the effect of the screen, with the eraser to adjust the transparency of the dim sense of transparency, complete

Figure 11

Okay, the above information is small make up to you painter of this software users to bring detailed drawings of handsome prince illustration of the full content of the tutorial to share, you see the users here, small series believe that you are now very clear the way to draw the bar, Then you should go to the following small series of tutorials to draw it yourself.

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