Painter drawing hand-painted illustration effect tutorial

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To the users of the painter software to explain the detailed interpretation of the painting to share the effect of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
1. New file, with cover pencil (cover pencil), choose about 50% neutral gray drafting.

2. Create a new liquid ink layer (liquid ink pen layer), choose Velocity sketcher (sketch sketch), with black, sketch contour line.
The Velocity sketcher (sketch sketch) 's stroke texture is much like traditional charcoal hand-drawn.
If you draw the wrong line, remove it with the eraser (eraser) inside the liquid.
Local lines that require smooth expression can be sketched with fine point (stylus).

3. Double-click Liquid Ink Layer 1 To rename to make the difference. Add a liquid ink layer below the original layer, with coarse bristle (rough hard brush) to draw the skin part of the simple turning surface.

4. Continue to use coarse bristle (rough hard brush) to draw the clothing and trousers part of the general tone, with a pen can be relaxed some.

5. Use dry camel (dry camel brush) to draw hair strokes color block.

6. Use fine point (tip pen) to depict eye shadow and lip part.

7. Create a new liquid ink pen layer, and use the coarse bristle (rough hard brush) to draw the backlight of the clothes and trousers.

8. Use dry camel (dry camel brush) to draw the dark part of the hair surface.

9. Use fine point (tip pen) to draw the lip of the dark part of the transition surface.

10. To the Mask panel, create a new mask (mask), choose flat color (smooth color pen), with black smear character contour range.

11. The default mask color is red, you can also double-click Mask1 to change the mask display color properties, easy to observe and modify.

12. Select the invert mask (inverted mask) in the Drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the mask panel so that the mask's color range is outside the character's background. Then proceed to the command for the Feather Mask (feather mask), which will make the edge of the selection more subdued later.

13. Click the floating Selection button and press the OK button in the pop-up dialog box to float the selection. If you think the color of the mask is interfering, you can turn off the Mask 1 eye icon.

14. To gradients (gradient panel), select a gradient, change some properties. to the canvas (canvas) layer, press ctrl+1 to pull up tools (tool panel) and select the Paint Bucket tool to fill the selection with a click.

15. Continue to keep the selection of floating, to papers (paper grain panel), the use of basic paper paper lines. ctrl+/Open the Use of Texture dialog box, to reduce the contrast of some, the brightness of some higher. If you think the texture is overdone, you can use the fade command to weaken some of the previously executed effects.

16. Keep the selection of the float, the implementation of the use of light filters, choose the first two-color lighting effect on the left.

17. Create a new normal layer, with coarse spray (rough inkjet pen) around the character contour to add some dynamic atmosphere.

18. With digital airbrush (digital spray gun) plus some ambient color reflection, strengthen the overall effect.

Other: the characteristics of liquid ink pen like sticky things, the best strokes do not overlap, superimposed strokes will have unexpected effects, so the need to express layers of the best layered painting. And most of the liquid ink pen will have a resist brush, this is the brush on the special eraser, you can use the same brush strokes, this and Eraser (eraser) a little different. This figure, I finally fixed a disproportionate arm with soft cloner.

Well, the above information is small make up to you painter of this software users to bring the detailed drawing of hand-painted illustrations of the results of the tutorial to share the whole content, you see the users here, small series believe that you are now very clear method of drawing it, So you guys like this style of users can try to draw their own illustrations.
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