painter painting lifelike white lily flower tutorial

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To the users of the painter software to detailed analysis of the painting to share a realistic and white as the lily of the course.
Tutorial Sharing:
The first step: Open painter Classic, connect the digital board, type CTRL + N to create a new file.

Figure 1
Step two: Select the Brush tool on the tool panel. and set the foreground color to black, drag the size pole adjust the brush to the appropriate size, and draw the draft on the canvas.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4
Step three: Select the Watercolor Pen tool on the Brushes panel. Apply color to the screen and customize the basic hue for the lily.

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7
The fourth step: because the watercolor pen is drawn on the wet canvas, if you keep this state, add another kind of brush on it, then the watercolor color will float on the other brush color. To avoid this, click Canvas/wet Paint to leave it unchecked.

Figure 8
Fifth step: Click the Lasso Tool on the tool panel. Select the part you want to draw.

Figure 9

Figure 10
Sixth step: In the lower left corner of the screen click the first button, appear as shown in the figure three options, select a third, so that you can make sure that when drawing only in the selection.

Figure 11
Seventh Step: Click the Airbrush tool in the brushes panel. Draw the lily flower on the screen.

Figure 12

Figure 13

Figure 14
Eighth step: The same steps to draw lilies of the petals.

Figure 15

Figure 16
Nineth Step: Click on the Rubber tool on the brushes panel to erase the draft line on the screen to keep the screen tidy.

Figure 17

Figure 18
Tenth step: Click on the tool panel of the Paint Bucket tool, select the black color will be the background of the black color, in accordance with the overall fine tune after the completion of the background.

Figure 19

Figure 20

Figure 21
Well, the above information is a small series for you painter of this software users to bring the detailed painting of the real white lily flower of the tutorial to analyze the full content of sharing, you see the users here, Xiao Bian believes that you are now very clear about the production of the tutorial, Then you should go to the small series of the tutorial to draw their own lilies it.

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