Painter to draw a delicate doll tutorial

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To the users of the painter software to explain the detailed interpretation of the painting of the exquisite Doll tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
In the selection of painter Brush, choose pens/thicknthinpen5 (Brush opacity adjustment to about 60%), blenders/grainywater (brush opacity adjustment to 20%), Erasers/eraser, Chalk/squarechalk,arcylics/capturedbristle (brush opacity adjustment to 30%), Pencils/coverpencil.
Reference photos of the simulation doll

Final drawing effect Drawing

(1) Create a new 1500*2300 pixel blank file in Painter11, create a new layer, and tick "Pickupunderlyingcolor". Using THICKNTHINPEN5, select a light gray to draw some line marks as the basic positioning of composition and large shapes.

(2) Continue to improve the line marks, marking the characters face some of the proportion of the position of the relationship.

(3) Back to the bottom of the canvas canvas layer, press the CTRL+F key combination, fill the canvas, select a golden yellow. Starting from the color part of the character, the color level of the skin color is lighter than the background, so there will be a better relationship between them.

(4) Continue to use THICKNTHINPEN5, the size of the stroke, start to smear the hair and collar tones. The first color does not have to be very complicated, you can maintain the flat coating, establish a large contrast between the big tones.

(5) Draw the tones of clothing and hands, pay attention to these tones in the overall picture of the corresponding levels of relationship.

(6) With some soft tones, first to establish a facial features of the initial feeling, do not have to draw too deep.

(7) Improve the contour of the face, and further adjust the basic shape of facial features.

(8) Create a new layer on top, adjust a color lighter than the inherent color of skin, paint the highlight area of facial skin tone.

(9) Draw the highlight area of the hair, but also adjust the necklace on the neck shape.

Well, the above information is small to give you painter of this software users of the detailed rendering of exquisite doll tutorials to share the full content of the tutorial, you see the users here, small series believe that we are now very clear the way to draw the bar, Then you go to follow the small series of tutorials yourself to try to draw under it.

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