Painter to draw the character illustration course in the martial arts story

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To the users of the painter software to explain the detailed interpretation of the story to draw the characters in martial arts tutorial.

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Let's take a look at the final effect chart:

Completion diagram

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The specific drawing steps are as follows:

1. First is the sketch, the realistic illustration effect mainly is in the color link, therefore the sketch we may simply draw down. But in order to avoid the later to be trimmed the part too much, sketch of the big shape still need to draw as far as possible accurate point Oh!

Figure 1 2. Sketch I used a pencil-covered pencil in PT:

Of course, it is not only this brush can be painted, other brushes you can also try, they think the painting is fine. For a commonly used brush, I usually put them together: direct the left mouse button down the top right corner of the brush bar, select the brush to use after the direct drag out, the software will automatically bounce out of the definition of 1, and then the commonly used brushes are dragged in, the painting time will no longer need to find a.

Figure 2

3. After the sketch is saved, it is opened in PS. Copy the sketch to the top layer, adjust the mode "multiply", adjust the saturation of the hue to their own can see, the final line is to be removed.

Figure 3

4. After the PSD file is saved in PS, the color is turned on in Pt. According to the sketch, the online manuscript layer under the new layer color, all layers are below the online manuscript layer, when painting can hide the line at any time to see the effect. Color, the first part of the skin, flat coated, when you can use chalk, oil crayon, do not use the gun and pencil.

Figure 4

Figure 4

5. About oily crayons, here I would like to say in detail, before many tutorials have mentioned that I paint when the oily crayon used more, but often someone told me that oily crayon painting when both ends are white, the general appearance of such problems are caused by the following: We first look at Figure 5-1, This time we're going to look at the red and Gray is not on a layer, oily crayon will automatically excessive edge of the color, when the red layer is all blank, it is the edge of the natural default for white.

Figure 5-1

Popular, gray two colors on the same layer, the situation is different. So the brush is useful also depends on how to use, is not a brush with all the general-purpose.

Figure 5-2

6. Continue to paint, with chalk or oily crayon to paint some dark parts of the skin:

Figure 6 7. Then use the fountain pen in the blend.

Draw a shadow of the face. Brush to be flexible, the harmonic pen is not suitable for the description of the details.

Figure 7

8. Then draw a little bit of the face contrast. Although the picture is a bit scary now, the general light and shade relationship has been determined.

Figure 8

9. My habit is to draw the eyes first, with a dark brush to draw the approximate outline.

Figure 9-1

Figure 9-2

10. Need to soften the place to use a soft point of the brush, eyelashes those I use the gun in the flexible spray pen 20 painting. Digital spray gun is suitable for a wide range of soft, not suitable for painting details, we can according to their own picture requirements to try more. Eyelashes, highlights, reflective are important details of the eye, the time to draw patience. A friend reflected that the board painting when the details are always bad, in fact, this is related to the pressure of the board. I have just started to use 512 pressure sense of the board, and then changed 1024 pressure sense, painting really much better, especially in the details of the performance. I now use is the friend base Rainbow, the cost-effective said, heard now the friend base also out 2048 presses the feeling the new style, believed that draws will be more smooth! The conditional friend may go to try.

Figure 10

11. Describe facial details and add high light to your lips. Although this character I designed he is wearing a mask, but in order to ensure that the face does not deform, I still put the part of the mask also draw out.

Figure 11

12. According to the sketch new layer to draw hair, when you can use chalk and oily crayon, but the hair must use spray gun, because this is a realistic work.

Figure 12

13. Use the spray gun to paint the details of the hair layer by layer:

Figure 13-1

Here you should pay attention to the direction of hair:

Figure 13-2

The second part begins:

1. Now start to give the first portrait dress. First, simply on the color of the clothes, so that the overall look at the coordination point. The other raised hand is at the front, so the distribution of the layer should also be in the top of the entire character, this we draw behind, draw the character's mask first.

Figure 1

2. Apply the mask to the first color:

Figure 2-1

Describe the details:

Figure 2-2 3. Select thick paint Brush-pattern thick coating

, and a texture resembling a metallic pattern to the mask.

Figure 3-1

The mask is on the face, so you have to draw a shadow. Continue to strengthen the mask details:

Figure 3-2

4. To the figure painting ornaments, the small things of course to the brush small to draw, the general use of pencils and chalk on it.

Figure 4-1

Figure 4-2

5. Next put in front of the hand to draw out, so that the hands cover the body part of us can be lazy do not draw, haha! Here I put my hand up a little bit, we should adjust according to the situation, do not follow the sketch, after all, the sketch is not completely accurate.

Figure 5

6. Continue to refine the details of the dress. This time the characters have been done almost, so we can hide the unwanted sketch layer first to avoid affecting the visual effect.

Figure 6-1

Figure 6-2

7. Save the above image as PSD file, open in PS, select material file.

Figure 7-1

Attach a pattern to your clothes. In addition, do not use material with material, remember that painting is the main, the material is only auxiliary.

Figure 7-2

8. Save PSD file, open in PT, continue to paint. Although the software is a bit cumbersome to switch, but I am not accustomed to coloring in PS, and the PT can not paste the material, so had two software alternately used. This everyone according to the personal habit of good, after all, the result is the most important. Start painting the person behind, the step is similar to the person in front of the painting, or first start with the face.

Figure 8-1

Figure 8-2

Figure 8-3

9. Because the two characters in the picture have overlapping parts, so in color to distinguish open. If you use the same color of the same system through light and shade contrast to distinguish them, can not let people at a glance to have mixed feelings.

Figure 9

10. Perfect the second person's clothes, or the same as the former, save as a psd file into the PS paste pattern, of course, have the patience of friends can also draw their own.

Figure 10

11. The characters are depicted almost, and then we draw the Lotus, draw the approximate outline first:

Figure 11-1

Cooperate with the pen to depict the Lotus deeply:

Figure 11-2

12. Due to the harmonic strokes can not be detailed, so you have to use chalk and spray gun to continue to drill. Draw flowers When you can refer to the reality of the flowers, find some more pictures to study, after all, realistic painting of things close to the real good. We add a reflective light to the lotus:

Figure 12-1

Plus the background color and butterflies:

Figure 12-2

Butterflies and lotus, refer to the real picture to draw on the line.

Figure 12-3

13. Add something similar to a fairy feather on the screen, and draw a rough outline with white chalk:

Figure 13

14. Select Eraser function to rub the white part lightly. The eraser of the brush is different from the eraser in the toolbar, the eraser in the toolbar is a vector, there is no pressure feeling, also cannot control the depth and shade according to the strength of the pen. Now you can look at the effect of wiping out:

Figure 14

15. Brush to use, in fact, the eraser can also be used to do the effect, of course, some brushes with the eraser is not to wipe out the effect of Oh!

Figure 15

16. Adjust the overall color, the actual situation and effect, finish the work.

Figure 16

Well, the above information is small make up to you painter of this software users bring detailed painting martial arts story in the figure illustration of the entire content of the tutorial to share, you see the users here, small series believe that you are now very clear the way to draw the bar, Then you go to follow the small series of the tutorial yourself to try to draw their own mind of the river people.

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